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  • Royal Wedding Photographer Employs Trick Every Parent Is Guilty Of

    Here’s the truth why the kids had on the biggest smiles at the royal wedding
    by Kitty Elicay .
Royal Wedding Photographer Employs Trick Every Parent Is Guilty Of
PHOTO BY @jessicamulroney and @kateandwills via Instagram
  • The royal wedding hangover continues! Just yesterday, May 23, we answered the burning question every parent had while watching the wedding of the year unfold: How come the kids were so well-behaved throughout the ceremony?

    The answer, apparently, was lots of practice (there were two wedding rehearsals that have been reported). But we also surmised that maybe the children were promised treats in exchange for good behavior. Honestly, any parent would have done the same in that situation (we're talking about 10 kids!) 

    Turns out, we were right! Photographer Alexi Lubomirski, who was in charge of taking the official portraits of the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex (that’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for us common folks) revealed he had to use a "magic word" to get the kids to cooperate.

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    “As we were setting up the big family shots, and I was placing the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty (Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth) onto their chairs, I could hear the kids started crying in the background, and there was some chaos,” he recalled in an interview with People. “And then I heard this magic word behind me that was Smarties, which is obviously an English candy, much like M&Ms, and they were being bribed with one Smartie here and one Smartie there.”


    It was fortunate that Alexi was able to overhear it because he only had 25 minutes to do six photo setups, according to People. (See the official royal wedding photos here!)

    “As soon as the kids came onto the set, I immediately just shouted out, ‘Who likes Smarties?’, and then everybody's hands [went] up, smiles, even some of the adults I think put their hands up,” Alexi said. (We sure hope you followed through your promise, Alexi.)

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    Thankfully, the official photos turned out well — and it had a real, family vibe, too! So, yes, practice makes perfect, but there’s nothing like candy to seal the deal!

    In an interview, Ben Mulroney, a Canadian television host, and the husband of Jessica Mulroney, Meghan's best friend and "unofficial maid of honor," revealed that their kids had a good time despite the formalities. Their twins, Brian and John Mulroney, 7, were the page boys who carried Meghan’s veil as she walked up the steps of St. George Chapel, while their daughter, Ivy, was a bridesmaid.

    “There had been so much talk about getting it right with the rehearsals, and these kids are so young,” he explains in an interview with Your Morning, a Canadian news program. “There was a lot of worry that it wouldn’t get done right but they’re having so much fun with it! And that, to me, was the thing that gave me the most pride was that we didn’t put so much pressure on them that this wasn’t joyful for them. It was pretty darn joyful.”

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    Ben added that the rehearsals were completely different from what happened during the wedding and his kids were a little surprised, especially with the crowd but the months (yes, months!) of preparation they did from their end paid off.

    “We did months and months of bribery and mild threatening, but in the days leading up, we changed our tune to a more Oprah-themed empowerment: ‘You can do this!’ ” he said in an article on People. “And they did.”

    Ben explained the parents had different tactics on getting the children to behave during the ceremony. But it helped that the kids met each other before the actual wedding ceremony. That was why it was easy for them to hold hands in formation as they walked down the aisle.

    “The kids had a chance to know each other a little bit during these rehearsals and some get-togethers as well, so they did sort of come together in a ‘club’ before this happened,” Ben said


    Ben and Jessica encouraged their kids to “wave back” when someone was waving at them and to “have fun.” And judging from their excited smiles during the wedding, it was pretty clear they were having the time of their lives!

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