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Should You Worry About Your Child's Flat Feet? Moms Whose Kids Have It Share Their Experiences
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  • The first few steps your child takes is an important milestone for both your child and you as a parent. It also serves as a warning that you’ll be running after ac active toddler soon. But what if not all goes to plan. 


    One mom from the Smart Parenting Village Facebook group recently found out that her 4-year-old son has flat feet. She and her sister, who has a 5-year-old kid, only discovered it through looking at pictures online. 

    “Do we need to worry? What steps did you take? Any therapies? What kind of doctor we need to ask for a consultation?” the mom wrote.

    What are flat feet? 

    According to HealthyChildren.org, a parenting resource website by the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP), babies are born with flat feet. It’s when the entire sole of your child’s foot touches the floor when standing up.

    Typically, a child will develop the arches in his feet by age 6. Only about one or two out of 10 kids will continue to have flat feet well into adulthood. 

    Should you worry if your child’s feet still don’t have arches later on? Not really, as flat feet don’t usually cause any problems. Doctors only consider treatment, such as strengthening exercises and corrective footwear, if it becomes painful.

    Have your child checked if she’s displays symptoms such as foot pain, sores or pressure areas on the inner side of the foot, a stiff foot, limited side-to-side foot motion, or limited up-and-down ankle motion.


    Moms whose kids had or have flat feet weigh in

    Consult with a pediatric orthopedic

    “Consult with pedia ortho. Hindi pa din kasi complete yung bones nila sa paa so may chance pa na magbago.” Mommy Mel

    “As early as now dapat ma correct na since mas mabilis pa habang bata pa lalo na kapag nakaka-apekto sa daily activities niya lalo na development.” Mommy Ma. Isabel

    Consult a physical therapist 

    “My eldest had sessions with a physical therapist after undergoing an assessment. Aside from sessions and exercises, he was advised to wear Dr. Kong to correct his feet. We were told to stop him from wearing crocs because it doesn’t train the feet of the proper position.” Mommy Nieves

    Watch for this sign of flat feet

    “My daughter was around age 3 when we noticed na kapag lumalakad or tumatakbo, parang masusubsob and nagtatama yung tuhod. Akala namin balance niya may problema but the pedia checked her foot agad. Flat nga daw. Nirefer sya sa physical therapist and was advised to do tiptoe exercises, 10 minutes up until she can tolerate, every day. 

    “Nag-modify din ng shoes. Dr. Kong’s and Nike Air did help a lot. Flat pa din until now, but her balance is a whole lot better. Hindi na natatapilok at nakakapagsuot na siya ng ordinary footwear na sya ng walang problema.” Mommy Karen 

    Wear shoes with arches

    “My 2-year-old is healthy and active but lagi siya nadadapa or natitisod while simply walking or running. If he’s wearing shoes na medyo may arch, ayun less tisod and dapa. Comfy din sya to walk or run barefoot inside the house, less din yung dapa nya.” Mommy Yam

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    “May tinatawag po na arch support na nilalagay sa shoes and mas magnda po kung customized para sukat ang paa ng bata. Don’t let them wear flat-based shoes and super flexible shoes. Try niyo po ung mejo elevated ung heel area and hard base. Sa una it might feel uncomfortable para sa bata pero mas magandang support un sa paa.” Daddy Paul, who worked in an orthodontics company 

    Possible cause of flat feet 

    “As explained by a doctor to me before, it may be hereditary or the wrong selection of shoes ng bata kaya hindi nadedevelop ng maayos ang mga paa nila.” Mommy Mariz

    Just let your child play

    “Normal po sa kids na flat footed sila, made-develop pa arches ng foot at maga-adjust pa ung structures ng foot nila through time. Kaya rin normal sa bata ung dapa at dulas. Just let your kid play, jumping, running, biking. Made-develop yung balance nila at sunod na madedevelop yung bones ligaments and muscles nila.”  Mommy Je Anne, physical therapist. 


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