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  • SPED School: Speciabilities Development Center

    Our SPED expert, Frances Mijares-Magtoto shares information about Speciabilities Development Center, a fully staffed SPED school.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • One well-known center that caters to all types of exceptionalities such as Autism, ADHD, ADD, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, PDD-NOS, Speech Delay, Mental Retardation, Traumatic Brain Injury, Global Developmental Delay (GDD) is the Speciabilities Development Center.
    Fully Staffed Center

    When asked what sets this center apart from the others, school directress, Teacher Ting, had a number of features to mention:

    Aside from being special school they have a therapy center; They are well-staffed with licensed SPED teachers from UP Diliman and De La Salle University, they have six speech therapists (all graduates of UP Manila) and nine occupational therapists (graduates of UP Manila and UST, and four of them are board top-notchers), a rare feat for SPED schoolsAs a result of this set-up:their SPED teachers coordinate directly with the therapists of their students in the interest of consistent implementation of goals; andthey are capable of implementing mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mBOT) as they have their own chamber. 


    What to expect at therapy session

    A therapy session usually lasts an hour after which caregiver feedback is given. The therapist explains to the parent what transpired during the session, communicating the behaviour of the child, the activity achieved, and a follow-up activity that needs to be implemented at home. The frequency of sessions is determined by the child’s developmental paediatrician or the therapist. At the time information was gathered, a therapy session cost P500 while the written evaluation report was P1,200.
    Tough Love is necessary when helping Special Children Learn

    Teacher Ting gives the following advice for parents of special children: “Getting over with the denial stage is the most important step in helping your child. Once you are over it, you will be more accepting of the various interventions for your child.” She advises parents not to rely solely on therapy sessions. She says that if your child only goes for therapy on a once-a-week basis, that is only one hour per week of intervention. Most of the child's time is spent at home or in school. Thus, the parents should continue at home what is being done during the therapy session especially the behavior modification techniques (BMT). “We observed that parents have difficulty implementing BMTs. Enforcing BMTs is a way to show your special child that you love him, even if it seems like it’s very difficult for him to do. It’s just tough love.”  
    To know more about the center, you can visit their website, www.speciabilities.com .
    Source:Marian Christine "Teacher Ting" V. PatriarcaSchool Directress, Speciabilities Development Center11 Binmaka St. (near Biak na Bato St.)Manresa, Quezon City, 1115 PhilippinesTel. Nos. (632) 361-9178 or 364-3460Look for: Teacher Ting or Jane Estayan (Secretary)
    Teacher Ting has a Masters in Special Education from UP Diliman and currently taking her Ph.D. in Educational Administration in the same university

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