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    • Too much TV is bad for the eyes. Eye specialists say that too much television viewing or computer use does not cause eye refraction or an increase in eye grade. It will neither worsen nor help visual acuity. Neither does it affect the nearsightedness or farsightedness of a person, as these conditions are dependent on the size of the eyeball and cornea or the physical development of the eye.
    • Sleeping with your hair wet can cause blindness. “This is not true and has no scientific basis,” assures Dr. Tan, although if your eyes are strained or tired, don’t wash your face or they’ll get pasmado. “It is not true that you will get rheumatism, or that your grade will increase when you wash your tired eyes,” says Dr. Bolinao. In fact, a cold compress will relax tired eyes. There is no such thing as “pasma” when it comes to the eyes. If you wash your eyes with water when you are tired, symptoms of rheumatism or pasma may be seen, but they are not characteristic of the real illness. 
    • Your eye grade will improve by using glasses and contact lenses. They only help you see more clearly, but your eye grade will improve depending on the physical development of your eye. “Kids outgrow their farsightedness when their eyeball elongates as they grow bigger,” Dr. Bolinao explains. For kids with astigmatism, their cornea can still become rounder while they are growing, thus decreasing astigmatism.



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    • Christy Querido, O.D., optometrist, Arcangel Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
    • Website: eyecenter.com.ph



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