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  • Toddler Emergencies: Playmate Bites Your Child, Losing Your Child in the Mall

  • child in playgroundNothing can really prepare you for the worst parenting scenario, especially if it involves your four-year-old weeping in pain. When he starts wailing hysterically, you lose focus and find yourself in disarray leaving the problem unsolved. It doesn’t help to panic, says Arsenio Meru, Jr., M.D., doctor of internal medicine at United Doctors Medical Center in Manila. Toddler emergencies are very common. “Children 6 years old and below are accident prone usually malikot, fearless, and will try almost anything,” he says. Stephanie Tan, R.N., nurse at The Medical City in Pasig, explains, “in any emergency situation, always remember to stay calm. Carefully assess the situation before attempting to do anything about it. Nothing good can come about if you panic.”

    Here’s a rundown of possible toddler emergencies that you may encounter:
    1.    A playmate bites your child

    QUICK THINKING: Whether the bite is shallow or not, clean the wound with tap water then
    dab with alcohol or povidone iodine (Betadine), says Dr. Meru. If you have a bleeder and the cut
    is big, immediately wash the area under running water, cleanse with antiseptic, cover with clean cloth or gauze, and bring your child to the ER for further treatment, says Tan. Observe the wound for signs of infection such as swelling, extreme pain, or pus formation.
    Your doctor will advise if your child needs anti-tetanus shots.

    SAFETY ALERT! Keep your little tykes under close supervision during play. Biting is typical
    among toddlers and you really can’t do anything to stop a teething tot, so you may want to stay nearby when your child is interacting with a two- or three-year-old. Remember, toddlers move fast, so you have to act quickly, too, if you want to prevent a child from sinking his teeth in too deep.



    Click here to learn how to deal when you lose your child in a store or mall.

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