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  • What Do Baby's Developing Skin and Falling In Love Have in Common?

    A lot! Find out the special care both need.

  • It might not be obvious at first. But the way your baby’s skin develops has some interesting similarities to falling in love. Finding it hard to believe? Read on:


    1. You can’t rush both. 

    What you need to remember is that your toddler’s skin, though more developed than a newborn’s, still isn’t fully mature yet. Like, a budding romance. 


    Children’s skin is thinner than adults’ since their skin’s outermost layer, called the stratum corneum, is only two-thirds as thick as that of a grownup. This means that substances can pass through their skin more easily, thus, their skin-to-weight ratio is higher, too.

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    Since a toddler's skin barrier function is still forming, whatever substance that goes through his skin, will affect him greatly. A toddler's skin can’t hold water very well yet, nor can it protect itself from harmful substances. 


    2. Both need special care and attention. 

    When it comes to your toddler’s skin, give it the special treatment. 

    During bath time, choose products that are gentle and formulated with vitamins that deliver the right kind of nourishment for baby skin. 

    Try Johnson’s Baby Milk plus Rice Bath which contains milk proteins and Vitamins A & E and help ensure that your toddler’s skin stays smooth and healthy while he's growing.



    3. You can feel both. 

    It’s in the TLC of hugs and cuddles that you can fully enjoy both baby’s skin and truly express love. So remember to give so much more for both. 

    Source:  http://www.clinuvel.com/en/mothers-children-skin/childrens-skin/toddler-skin 

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