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  • What Your Toddler Can Learn From Your Hobbies

    Hobbies not only let you and your kids have fun, they also hone, promote, and instill certain skills and talents!
    Published Aug 14, 2009
  • It can help them get organized.
    Jackie Nino, a stay-home mom, shares her love for cooking with children Sam, Saji, and Sabin.

    “When I cook, I like having all the ingredients chopped up and put in separate bowls,” Nino shares. “I ask my two girls to mix them together or drop them in the pan. They learn you have to follow a procedure and not do everything willy-nilly.”

    It can teach patience.
    Nino adds that her kids realize they have to wait for the food to be cooked before they can dig in and enjoy it.

    Tennis dad Paje says that training his sons to play tennis during summer taught them patience as well: “They train at 10 a.m.—mainit, pero alam nilang kailangan nilang magtiyaga if they want to learn.”

    It can teach neatness and proper care for one’s things.
    Raylin Saga, a medical secretary at the Makati Medical Center, collects dolls with her daughter Trish, while her son Eisen is into action figures. Her son keeps his action figures in separate, see-through containers labeled according to their contents, so he can tell right away where the toy that he wants to play with is located. “I also teach my kids to put back the toy we were playing with before they get another toy. I also teach them to value each item and to say thank you whenever they receive something new.”

    It can teach resourcefulness.
    In creative activities, kids can recycle materials around the house, like used ribbons, old beads, etc.

    It can teach creativity.
    Saga says her little girl Trish has become quite the fashionista: “At 7 years old, siya na nagbibihis sa sarili niya, and alam niya anong bagay na puwedeng i-match.” Not only that, Trish has also become handy with a needle and thread. “She adds beads and sequins to her dolls’ clothes, and even her own clothes sometimes, to spruce them up,” Saga shares.

    It can promote good health.
    “My boys also play basketball,” says Paje. Muñoz agrees that an outdoor hobby is beneficial for the family, and suggests walking, hiking, or running as good starting endeavors, since there is no need to buy special equipment.

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