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  • Heart Evangelista has always been open about her relationship with husband Chiz Escudero’s twins, Chesi and Quino, 13. In a vlog that she posted on her YouTube channel “Dear Heart,” last February 2020, she admitted that she used to be “so confused” about how to position herself in their lives, especially as the two were only 4 years old then.


    But now, their relationship as a family is better than ever. In an interview with Summit Media editors on October 19, the actress shares that they treat each other like a barkada. “They understand me, I understand them,” she says.

    Still, Heart tries to balance her presence so as not to overstep her boundaries. She admits that it’s hard. “I cannot be strict or else they’ll end up hating me. But how can you also make sure that they’re getting the proper guidance? But I guess I’m lucky that my approach to them is we’re friends,” she says.

    Raising teenagers


    The twins recently celebrated their birthday last month and on Instagram, Heart penned a touching letter for them.

    “I may not have given you the gift of life, but it has been such a wonderful experience taking care of you since you were four. I really can’t wait for the adventures you’re going to have in your teen years. Although it won’t be easy (trust me, I’ve been there), I’ll be here to hold your hand every step of the way!”

    The actress and artist told Summit Media that she is happy that she was able to establish a trusting, loving relationship with her two stepkids before they became teenagers. And it’s what’s helping her raise them right.

    “You don’t want to be invasive, but you have to be (in a sweet voice), “what are you doing, who are you texting” mga ganyan or else, you don’t know. So, I’m glad I was able to establish that relationship with them before they entered that stage,” Heart says.

    “So, when I do get upset about…  ‘You have to focus with your teacher — if you’re playing games while you’re studying online.. it’s not good.’ Mga ganyan. So, I would say it. And they are used to seeing me also when I’m working, how I want things, so it’s not like sila lang pinapagalitan ko. But honestly, it’s very hard and confusing at times.

    “But what’s nice is they’re also close with my team who lives with me here in the house. So, it’s like we’re a barkada. It’s the same how I treat everyone,” she adds.

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    At the end of the day, Heart says their friendship is what’s important.

    A mother figure

    On Mother’s Day this year, siblings Chesi and Quino thanked Heart for being a “mother figure” while they were stuck in the house during quarantine. Heart uploaded their handwritten card on her Instagram stories then.

    “Thank you for always being here for us and being basically our mother figure while in quarantine and we don’t see Daddy and our mom everyday,” Quino wrote.

    He adds, “Us spending time here at home together has really shown me and Ate your love for Daddy, for us, for our dogs, for all we are with in the house and your fellow Filipinos.

    "We saw how strong you are and how you can take care of a household without having experience as a parent.”

    Heart told Summit Media of the moment she knew she had gained the twins’ trust. It was around the time that she suffered a miscarriage.


    “When I was pregnant for the first time. Maybe there was something… You know how a dog emits a scent. Maybe I was giving out a scent like, they kind of loved me more when I was pregnant. And I really loved them more. I think it was the motherly instinct also,” she shares.

    When Chiz told them the sad news, Heart shares that she was surprised to see Chesi cry. “I didn’t expect that because she’s very… she has a strong personality. I was very touched and moved that she really loved me and she loved the baby that was supposed to be her sister or her brother. After that bond, we really loved each other after that,” the actress shares.


    Heart Evangelista trusts God's plan when it comes to having kids. Read more here.

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