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"Mom, I Feel Ugly": How to Help Your Teen Feel More Self-Confident

The physical changes that puberty brings can lead to a negative body image. Here's how you can help your teen deal.

It's that time when you wish that your kids weren't growing up so fast. Once adolescence hits, their bodies go through a series of changes that inevitably affect their emotions and how they see themselves.

It feels awkward, to say the least. During puberty, your teenagers are likely to experience mood swings, anxiety, confusion, and sensitivity. This is also the time when they explore their maturing body and start comparing it with those of their peers.

It's important to let them feel that they don't have to tackle these growing pains alone. Explain that these changes are normal and that they happen differently to everyone. After all, our bodies come in different shapes sizes. Another way to help your teens adjust is to teach them good hygiene habits in order for them to better deal with the changes that puberty brings. Show them that they can do something about these problems:


"I want to hide because of my pimples."

The oil glands on teens' faces start to produce more oil, leading to pimple problems. Having zits can make them feel embarrassed and self-conscious, causing them to shy away from other people.

SOLUTION: Tell them that it's important to wash their face in the morning and also before going to sleep, no matter how tired they are. Give them an antibacterial facial wash like Pond's Acne Clear, which fights 99.9% of pimple-causing bacteria. It is dermatologist-tested and specially formulated for facial skin. With clear skin, your teens will no longer need to hide—they can face their classmates with confidence.


"My underarms smell."

Sweat glands in the armpits go on overdrive during puberty, and when sweat mixes with bacteria, this leads to body odor. Whether teens are engaged in outdoor activities or simply hanging out with their friends, they are at risk of getting B.O.

SOLUTION: Using Rexona Powder Dry after their morning bath can help them feel fresh and protected from body odor all day. Even if a tough quiz is making them sweat, figuratively speaking, at least they don't have to worry about body odor. 


"I always have bad hair days."

Pinoys put a premium on gorgeous tresses. Bad hair greatly affects how teens carry themselves throughout the day. Frizzy, dull, or dry hair can make them feel even more awkward about their appearance.

SOLUTION: Help them switch to hair products that address different concerns. Cream Silk can help give the customized solution to your daughter's hair problems. She can try the Hair Profiler to identify her hair problem.

Support your teenage kids by providing them with the right products they need to be more confident in their own bodies. Let them know about #TeenWeekPH, a youth-development program that aims to make Filipino teens future-ready by educating them on good grooming and boosting their self-esteem. Visit the Teen Week PH Facebook page to know more about the campaign.

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