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  • Watch: Hero Teen Catches Toddler Who Fell from a Second-Floor Window

    It is not for the faint of heart but it will make you believe in miracles.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Watch: Hero Teen Catches Toddler Who Fell from a Second-Floor Window
PHOTO BY Screenshot from The Sun/Youtube
  • A teenager from Istanbul, Turkey, is hailed a hero after security footage of the heart-stopping moment he caught a two-year-old falling out of a second-story window went viral.

    On June 20, 2019, Feuzi Zabaat, 17, was out on a walk when he noticed a small girl who appeared to be getting too close to an open window on the second floor of an apartment building, Independent reports.

    In the video, his eyes are focused upward and seemed to be in disbelief that the other people on the street were oblivious to what was happening. Then, in the next moment, he is seen stretching his arms up and miraculously catches the falling girl just a fraction of a second before she hit the pavement. Watch:

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    “I was walking down the road when I saw a two-year-old girl hanging from a window,” Zabaat told Independent. “I walked closer to her, and as she fell, I held on to her.”

    Various news agencies have uploaded the video online. In the video uploaded by The SunZabaat can be seen cradling the toddler in his arms as other passersby ran over to check on them. The two-year-old girl, Doha Muhammed, appeared unhurt and did not sustain any injuries thanks to Zabaat’s heroic act.

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    An eye witness, Izzet Bayir, tells Independent that he was walking from the top of the street when he noticed Zabaat looking up. “It caught my attention — ‘What’s happening?’ And I saw that this little girl was about to fall.”

    Bayir adds, “This lion of a person caught this child in mid-air and reunited her with her family.”

    According to the BBC, the little girl had wandered off while her mother was cooking. Thankfully, Zabaat was at the right spot, at the right moment, and his quick thinking and reflexes prevented any incident from happening.

    “I did what was necessary for the love of Allah,” he tells BBC.

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    Living in multiple-story houses, apartments, or condominiums, has its risks. The accident involving Doha only took a few moments of her mom not looking to happen and it highlights the importance of having security measures in place to keep your children safe.

    If you’re busy with chores, Real Living suggests to keep doors and windows locked to keep your tots from running out to the balcony or looking out the window. You can also install a window guard or gate to keep your child from falling out, and install locks and stops that will prevent the window or doors from being opened by tiny hands.

    Keep benches, tables, chairs, and other furniture that toddlers can climb away from balcony railings and windows. Most importantly, talk to your children and establish ground rules when they are in elevated areas. Click here for more safety tips.

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