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  • Breastfeeding moms need all the support and help they can get when it comes to nourishing their children with their milk. If and when needed, they can also benefit from “tools” meant especially for nursing mothers. These include information and items that can help them in their breastfeeding journey — among which lactation treats are counted.

    But what exactly are lactation treat anyways? Basically, lactation treats or goodies are usually baked items that contain galactagogues, or ingredients that promote the secretion and flow of breastmilk.

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    If you’re looking for lactation goodies to help boost your milk supply, here is a list of suppliers that you can check out:

    1. Milking Bombs by Bettina Carlos

    Celebrity mom Bettina Carlos has started baking her own line of baked goodies, which include “milking bombs” for breastfeeding moms, called lactabites or lactation cookie sandwiches. One dozen costs P450.00.

    Contact them through Facebook, Instagram, or call / text 0917.861.BITE(2483).  

    2. Mama Chows by Ginquelrus Pastries
    Chef Raquel Borja-Chua’s lactation cookies and cupcakes are baked fresh using the finest ingredients, and have no additives or preservatives.

    Here is the list of Mama Chows’ lactation goodies from their Facebook page:

    Lactation Cookies
    42pcs Oatmeal Lactation Cookies (Plain) Php 700.00
    42pcs Oatmeal-Raisins Lactation Cookies Php. 700.00
    42pcs Oatmeal-Walnut Lactation Cookie Php. 850.00
    42pcs Ultimate Lactation Cookies (Walnut-Raisins) Php. 850.00
    42pcs Oatmeal Chocolate chips (white and bitter sweet chocolate chips) 850.00
    42pcs Choco-Chips (Ghirardelli) Lactation Cookies Php. 850.00
    42pcs Choco-Chips Pistachios (Ghirardelli) Lactation Cookies Php. 900.00
    42pcs Choco-Chips Walnuts (Ghirardelli) Lactation Cookies Php. 850.00

    Other Lactation Goodies
    42pcs Mini Cheese Lactation cupcakes 850.00
    42pcs Mini Brownie Lactation Cupcakes 850.00
    12 pcs Revel Bar (Oatmeal-Walnut, brewers yeast, flaxseed and fenugreek) 750.00
    12 pcs Lactation Ensaimada Small (Hand-rolled, brewers yeast, flaxseed and fenugreek) 700.00

    Contact them through Facebook or Instagram. Mama Chows are also available at The Parenting Emporium, No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City. Email theparentingemporium@gmail.com for inquiries and orders.

    3. Mother Nurture


    Although the goodies here are not baked, breastfeeding moms love the fact that they can still have their chocolate and coffee fixes because of Mother Nurture’s chocolate and coffee mixes that contain natural ingredients like malunggay and ashitaba, which are known as galactagogues.

    Mother Nurture 7-in-1 Choco Mix and 7-in-1 Coffee Mix costs P140 per pack.

    Get in touch through Facebook, Instagram, or call / text 0927-4074674 (SMS/iMessage/Viber).

    4. Crumbs and Grubs


    Crumbs and Grubs cookies

    watch now

    Crumbs and Grubs lactation cookies and brownies are all-natural, organic, vegan, and sugar-free. Below is the list of their offerings:

    Lactation Brownies
    1 week’s supply – P450 / 2 weeks’ supply – P800

    Lactation Cookies
    Comes in 4 flavors: Almond, Chocolate Chip/Bittersweet Chocochip, Classic Oat, Dark cocoa (available upon request) and Speculoos (seasonal). Individually packed. Recommended intake is 1-2 cookie per day. *New flavors coming soon!*

    1 week’s supply - 24 bite-sized pcs. / 2 weeks’ supply - 48 bite-sized pcs.
    2 weeks’ supply - ?700.00 / 1 month’s supply - ?1,300.00 / 2 month’s supply - ?2,500.00

    Sugar-free variety uses all organic non-cane plant-based natural sweetener. No artificial sweeteners/preservatives. Packed in plastic, reusable tubs.

    Contains: 1 week’s supply: 24 bite-sized pcs. / 2 weeks’ supply: 48 bite-sized pcs.
    2 weeks’ supply - ?1,000.00 / 1 month’s supply - ?1,900.00 / 2 months’ supply - ?3,800.00

    Speculoos Lactation Cookies
    Packed in plastic, reusable tubs.
    Contains: 1 week’s supply: 24 bite-sized pcs. /  2 weeks’ supply: 48 bite-sized pcs.
    1 week’s supply - ?380.00 / 2 weeks’ supply - ?750.00 / 1 month’s supply - ?1,350.00

    Get in touch through Facebook or email them at crumbsandgrubs@yahoo.com.

    5. Mom’s Basket

    Rows of Mom's Basket breastfeeding cookies


    Mom’s Basket lactation cookies come in different varieties, including plain oat, chocolate, chocolate chip, oat-raisin, red velvet, and even nutella!

    Here is the complete list of flavors available: (for 1 week’s supply/28 pieces, recommended serving of 4 pieces per day):

    Plain Oat Cookies - P299

    Classic Cookies - P349
    - Chocolate
    - Chocolate Chip
    - Oat-Raisin
    - Red Velvet

    Premium Cookies - P389
    - Nutella*** (Nutella, chocolate chips)
    - Peanut Butter
    - Choco Chip (peanut butter, chocolate chips)
    - Spiced Fruit (nutmeg and cinnamon, glazed fruits)

    Get in touch through their Facebook page.

    6. Eat Love Pastry

    Lactation treats from Eat Love Pastry include mini cupcakes, cookies, mini ensaymada, brownie and cookie crisps, and dark chocolate revel bars.

    They offer:
    - Mini lactation cupcakes (cheese, chocolate, or banana oatmeal) – P750 per 42-pc pack
    - Lactation cookies (choco chip walnuts or oatmeal choco chip walnut) - P750 per 42-pc pack
    - Lactation ensaymada with buttercream frosting – P750 per 12-pc pack
    - Lactation dark chocolate revel bars – P750 per 15-pc pack

    Get in touch through Facebook, Instagram, or call / text 0917-5800525 (SMS/Viber) or 0922-8800525 (SMS).

    7. Lactabites



    Lactabites offers lactation cookies in various flavors to help support moms in their breastfeeding journey.

    Here are the goodies available from Lactabites:
    - Oatmeal choco chip cookies: 1 week’s supply /order @28 cookies = P379
    - Oats & walnut: 1 week’s supply /order @28 cookies = P439

    Get in touch through Facebook, Instagram, or call /text 0917-5917974 (Viber/WeChat).

    8. Mommy Cuddle Hub


    Mommy Cuddle Hub is a “mama and baby shop” based in Davao, and offers lactation cookies and brownies for breastfeeding moms.

    Their Lactacookies are available in choco chip oatmeal, white choco chip oatmeal, oatmeal butterscotch, oatmeal raisin. 1 week’s supply (28 cookies) costs P385.

    Lactabrownies cost P300 for 6 pieces (3 days’ worth) and P650 for 14 pieces (1 week’s worth).

    Get in touch through 0939-9105284 (SMS/Viber) or via their Instagram account.

    9. Choco Chip Lactation Boobie Bites

    BabyMama Ph breastfeeding cookies

    Boobie bites are made up of different ingredients including premium Belgian Callebaut white, milk and dark choco chips that will surely make any choco lover go nuts.

    3 days’ worth (9 pieces) costs P180. To order, visit BabyMama.ph.

    10. Mommy Treats

    Mommy Treats


    Mompreneur Paola Loot Bronfman started selling her Mommy Treats lactation goodies on the now-defunct online selling platform Multiply in January 2011. Her treats include cookies, muffin / cupcake bites, prenatal snacks and her bestselling lactation brownies.

    Below is the pricelist from the Mommy Treats Facebook page:

    Lactation Cookies
    Variants: Oatmeal and Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal and White Chocolate Chips, Oatmeal and Raisins
    Prices: 1 week’s worth - P399 / 2 weeks’ worth -  P749 / 1 month’s worth - P1,349

    Lactation Muffin Bites
    Variants: Banana Walnut, Banana Oatmeal, Carrot Walnut
    Prices: 1 week’s worth - P399 / 2 weeks’ worth -  P749 / 1 month’s worth - P1,349

    Lactation Cupcake Bites
    Variants: Lemon, Chocolate Chip
    Prices: 1 week’s worth - P399 / 2 weeks’ worth -  P749

    Special Lactation Treats
    Lactation Brownies (plain or December flavor special: Peppermint)
    Price: 12 days’ supply – P660

    Sugar Free Lactation Cookies
    (Using Isomalt, a natural sugar replacer from sugar beets)
    Prices: 1 week’s worth – P499 / 2 weeks’ worth -  P949 / 1 month’s worth - P1,800

    Dairy Free or Vegan Lactation Cookies
    For mommies who don't want butter (and egg for the vegans!) in their lactation treats
    Prices: 1 week’s worth – P499 / 2 weeks’ worth -  P949 / 1 month’s worth - P1,800

    Lactation Choco Spoons
    Stir these yummy dairy-free and sugar-free choco treats in a hot mug of water/milk and experience the yumminess of a lactation drink!
    Price: 6 days’ supply: P350

    Get in touch through www.mommytreats.com, via Facebook or call / text 0917 792 3432 (Viber / WhatsApp)

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