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15 Celeb Nursing Moms Who Will Inspire You to Breastfeed
PHOTO BY @jennicauytingco, @mariajolina_ig, @saabmagalona/Instagram
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  • Breastfeeding is a choice, and it's always nice to see a celebrity mom post about her nursing struggles and triumphs. Marian Rivera, Mariel Padilla, Gladys Reyes, Rufa Mae QuintoSarah Lahbati, and a lot more have had their share of challenges and have overcome them, thanks to a lot of support and help from family and friends.

    In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month this 2018, here's a list of inspiring moms who have committed to breastfeeding.

    Jolina Magdangal


    Breastfed first child for almost 3 years

    The host-actress breastfeed her son Pele for almost three years, and that's also her goals with her newborn daughter Vika. "Gaya ni Pele dati, everyday kasama ko si Vika kahit may work kasi pure breastfed siya. Kaya 'pag may mga naiipon akong breast milk para sa kanya mas nababawasan ang worries ko. Ang lagi kong dasal, magawa kong may ma-pump pa na madaming milk hanggang three years or more para makapag-donate na rin ulit ako," she wrote. 

    Kelly Misa

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    Breastfeeding for 3 years now

    The lifestyle blogger and Belo Baby Mombassador has been breastfeeding her son Tristan for three years now—and counting. Kelly said it has been especially helpful since they travel a lot. While she initially didn't plan on nursing this long, she is determined to do so until her son weans himself.  

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    Princess Velasco


    Breastfed first child for 2 years

    The singer is currently breastfeeding her second son, Milo, who's turning one month this August. Princess also breastfed her first son, Kobe, for more than two years. 

    Bianca Gonzalez 

    Breastfed for 2 years

    The soon-to-be mom of two has been very candid about her not-so-perfect mom life. She has said before that she struggled with low milk supply but soldiered on to breastfeed her daughter Lucia until after her second birthday. She may not be looking forward to sleepless nights when her second baby is born, but this momma will definitely not give up on breastfeeding so easily. 

    Paula Peralejo-Fernandez

    Breastfeeding for more than a year and a half now

    "I could have stopped during my lowest, and be traumatized at the thought of breastfeeding another baby someday; thankfully, I decided to stick with it—finally, our storm has passed, and we are on a smooth journey," Paula wrote. She said her nursing struggle has just finally been resolved in May this year when son Pablo was only about a year and a half years old. "We are still here - not stopping and seeing the benefits of breastfeeding in my son every single day," Paula added. 

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    Iya Villania


    Breastfed for more than a year

    It's unclear if Iya is still breastfeeding Primo now that she's about to give birth to her second son, Leon. One thing we know for sure, well after Primo's first birthday last year, Iya was still nursing and pumping breast milk. 

    Kylie Padilla

    Breastfeeding for a year now

    Kylie had aimed to breastfeed Alas for a year, but she's rethinking her decision, and would probably wait for her son to wean himself from her breast.  "It’s more about the bond, that I can’t let go of. Apart from the struggles, breastfeeding is one of my favorite things about being mama," she wrote. 

    Jennica Uytingco

    Breastfed first child for more than a year

    The Kalinga ni Nanay founder has been breastfeeding her second daughter, Alessi. She breastfed her older daughter Mori, well beyond her first birthday. In fact, she was still breastfeeding Mori in January this year. Jennica has said before that she's game to do tandem breastfeeding if need be. 

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    Breastfeeding for 11 months now

    "Mother’s milk is liquid love," the new mom wrote. Her daughter Arabella Simone is turning 11 months this August—Maya is determined to continue breastfeeding her little one. 


    Camille Prats

    Breastfeeding for 10 months now

    Her daughter Nala is 10 months old now, and Camille is still exclusively breastfeeding. It was a commitment she and her husband VJ Yambao made since welcoming her into their world. "All the pain was truly worth it. 10 months and counting, I now share a beautiful bond with my daughter that’s too precious and incomparable," Camille wrote. 

    Shamcey Supsup

    Breastfed for six months

    The beauty queen mom is getting ready for her breastfeeding journey with the arrival of her second baby soon. "I'm hoping and praying that my breastfeeding journey will be much easier this time around," she wrote.  Shamcey breastfed daughter Nyke well beyond six months.

    Alyanna Martinez

    Breastfeeding for six months now

    She's proud of being able to exclusively breastfeed (no bottles!) her daughter Adalynn Riley for six months now and counting. Alyanna's goal is to continue nursing for a year or maybe even more. 

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    Saab Magalona


    Breastfeeding for six months now

    Breastfeeding has been a significant part of this new mom's life. Saab said expressing and donating excess breast milk was therapeutic for her after her daughter Luna died. With son Pancho now six months old, this mom has mastered some solutions to clogged milk ducts, and is determined to overcome all the struggles that may still come her way. 

    Isabelle Daza

    Isabelle Daza on multi-tasking while breastfeeding.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @isabelledaza/Instagram Stories

    Breastfeeding for four months now

    This mom has been breastfeeding her son Baltie for almost four months now. Isabelle has been sort of an expert for multitasking—nursing while traveling and even while taking a dip in their pool. 

    Cristalle Belo

    Cristalle Belo on pumping in PJs at 2 a.m.
    PHOTO BY screenshot from @cristallebelo/Instagram Stories

    Breastfeeding for two months now

    Since giving birth prematurely to her son Hunter James Pitt, Cristalle has been busy latching and pumping breast milk. The little one just turned two months, so they have a long way to go, but Cristalle is up for the challenge, even if it means pumping during the wee hours. 

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