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  • Finding the Time to Breastfeed Despite a Busy Schedule

    Have you ever thought that breastfeeding beyond your maternity leave would be a hassle? Abbie Yabot shares how she worked breastfeeding right into her busy schedule.
    by Abigail Vernida-Yabot .
  • breastfeedingFrom being single, to being married, to having a baby and deciding to breastfeed... life definitely demands a certain change in lifestyle for each stage. Breastfeeding entails a lot of commitment and willpower. So, how does a mom go about finding the time to breastfeed if she has 101 things to do on her list?

    I have been breastfeeding for over 6 years now, first with my son. Then, I tandem fed JM and Kyle for about 17 months.  And until now, Kyle, almost 4, is still breastfeeding.  If I use breastfeeding as an excuse, I would not be able to go shopping, traveling, malling, do my errands and other duties that a mom and wife should do.  Hence, I follow the principle "minimum breastfeeding interference" which simply means I breastfeed whenever and wherever my baby wants despite my busy schedule.

    That said, I have breastfed and pumped in all possible places you can think of:  mall, restaurant, friend's house, car, church, plane, park, etc.  I have listed some extraordinary breastfeeding experiences that are most memorable to me:


    1.  Breastfeeding while taking a shower.  There was a stage when my daughter was so "clingy" that she didn't want to let go of me the whole day.  So when I had to take a shower, I took her with me and showered while she was on and off at the breast, giggling and smiling the whole time.

    2.  Pumping in the plane. I used to pump in the restroom during long flights.  However, I felt the flight attendants being suspicious of my big bag and my long time spent in the rest room.  Besides, it was a hassle going in and out of my chair (since I normally have a window seat). One time, I just got a blanket draped it over me and pumped milk.  My seatmate was a little curious with what was going on with the sound.  And I'm sure he got the shock of his life when he saw 2 full bottles of milk after 15 minutes.

    3.  Breastfeeding in Hongkong, Disneyland.  I have breastfed during the Disneyland fireworks display, in the restaurant, in the train, in "It's a Small World" and during the Pooh ride.  But the most memorable of all was while we were in line waiting for our autograph session with Mickey and Minnie.  It took us over an hour in line and Kyle got impatient and had to be fed.

    4.  Tandem feeding in the car.  Driving while breastfeeding is definitely not recommended.  So I pull over as soon as I can.  Feeding one baby is challenging already with the space and all.  But when Kyle feeds, JM wants to feed too.  So while Kyle is in cradle hold, JM would sit down beside me facing the back and would breastfeed too.  

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    5.  While working on the computer.  I don't know why but Kyle thinks that the computer chair is a nursing spot.  Already a toddler, she stands up in front of me and helps herself.  The computer chair is very near the bed and sometimes she even puts her feet up on the bed while nursing.  She calls this the "bridge" position.  Quite acrobatic, huh?!?

    And my list goes on.  I cherish every moment of breastfeeding my children but I will not restrain myself and use this as an excuse not to be myself and be happy.   So go on mommy, do your mommy stuff and still include breastfeeding in your daily routine.  This experience should not make you feel like a princess stuck in a tower.  Besides, aside from being a mom, you have other roles to play like being a wife, a friend, a sister, cousin, daughter, niece and mother to your other kids, etc.  In so doing, use breastfeeding products that make breastfeeding easier and more discreet.  These helped me and baby a lot. It’s not impossible. You too can find the time to breastfeed despite a busy schedule.


    Photo from fotopedia.com

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