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  • breastfeedingBreastfeeding is gaining more and more popularity these days among people from all walks of life and sectors of society. It is a well-known fact also among breastfeeding mothers that a good support system is essential for a successful nursing relationship. This is especially true for mothers who choose to breastfeed despite very challenging situations – ones where the easiest, most convenient thing to do would be to formula-feed.

    This article is a tribute of sorts to all breastfeeding moms everywhere, especially those who have faced problems and have overcome hurdles to provide the best nutrition – breast milk - for their babies. From sore/cracked nipples and mastitis (I personally dealt with this, too) to breast cancer to seriously-ill babies, breastfeeding is possible, as long as the mother is committed to it from the very beginning.

    Mia delos Santos Chua is one of those moms who breastfed her child through mastitis. Because of her infection, she had to undergo surgery, and since the wound was near the nipple, she could not pump nor feed her baby directly. Instead, she expressed milk by hand and discarded it afterwards, fearing it would be infected. Mia should not have feared so, though, as it is actually recommended that mothers continue to nurse their babies even when they have mastitis or are recovering from a mastitis/breast abscess-related surgery, as indicated here and here. I was also advised to continue breastfeeding from the mastitis-affected breast, and was assured that this was completely harmless for my baby.  

    Mommy Mia took lots of malunggay and milkmaid tea to help increase her milk supply, and claims that it was sheer determination and passion that helped her overcome this breastfeeding challenge. The support she received from her husband and other family members were also crucial in helping her get through difficult days.


    “Whenever you feel like giving up, just look at your baby and think of the benefits breastfeeding brings, among which are good health, and bonding between mother and child,” Mia advises other moms.

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