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  • 24 Electric Breast Pumps From 8 Brands for Every Budget

    Having the right breast pump may be crucial to you and your baby's breastfeeding journey!
    by Rachel Perez .
24 Electric Breast Pumps From 8 Brands for Every Budget
PHOTO BY medela.com, babymama.ph, unnacares.com
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  • For many moms, prolonging their breastfeeding without putting them under house arrest is possible with a breast pump. They also choose electric breast pumps because they want to pump faster and more comfortably. 

    When buying your electric breast pump, you may want to consider how much sound the motor makes and the portability. Some electric breast pumps offer many modes or suction levels (from mild to intense). There are some who have flange sizes for every type of breast. an incorrect size could lead to pain, less expressed milk, or a lot of liquid gold waste.

    Unlike more than decade ago, moms now have more options for electric breast pumps alone, and you can find one for your budget. Here are the electric breast pumps you can choose from:

    1. Unimom electric breast pumps


    Unimom K-Pop Eco, Smart Eco, and Allegro Single Electric Breast Pumps, P1,750 each

    Unimom Smart Single Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump, P3,000

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    Unimom Minuet Rechargeable Double Electric Pump, P4,250

    Unimom Forte Double Electric Breast Pump; P7,500

    The Smart Single ist the most portable and lightweight. It is USB-powered and equipped with a rechargeable battery (though it lacks a battery indicator). The Minuet Double has a manual setting, but it only comes in one size. The Forte Double Electric is a non-hospital grade breast pump, but it has the most powerful suction action in the market.

    All available on Babymama.ph

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    2. Wisemom Pomona electric breast pumps


    Wisemom Pomona Rechargeable Double Electric Breast Pump. P3,475
    Wisemom Pomona Twin Motor Double Electric Breast Pump, P4,475

    Aside from affordability, this brand offers portability. You can even use a power bank to recharge. The Wisemom Pomona has four modes: massage (letdown), which, rhythm, and expression to suit your every pumping need.

    Both available on Babymama.ph

    3. Ameda electric breast pumps

    Ameda Una Single Electric Breast Pump, P3,000
    Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump, P4,750

    Both available on Babymama.ph

    These Swiss-made electric breast pumps are portable — you can plug it, use six AA batteries or via your a car adaptor in case you need to pump in traffic. They come with a HygieniKit that's dishwasher safe, so there is no need to sterilize. 

    4. Unna electric breast pumps


    Unna Luna Single Electrirc, P4,888

    Unna Stellar Double Electric, P7,488

    Available on Unnacares.com

    Unna is inexpensive compared to other electric breast pumps. Actress Chynna Ortaleza and singer Princess Velasco swear that it does the job as efficiently as other breast pumps that are worth double its price. It has nine to 12 suction levels, so you can choose depending on your need or the one you're most comfy using. The battery lasts up to eight hours, and it's USB chargeable.

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    5. Spectra electric breast pumps


    Spectra 350, P8,000

    Spectra 9+, P9,500

    Spectra S2, P12,500


    Spectra S1, P14,500

    All available on Babymama.ph

    Among these hospital-grade pumps, the most portable is Spectra 9+ with its motor roughly the same size as a smartphone. Spectra breast pumps are rechargeable except for the Dew 350, which makes it ideal for home use (it is also heavier). One mom said you'd have to charge a few times, though, to use it all throughout the day.

    6. Pigeon electric breast pumps

    Pigeon United Electric Breast Pump Pro, P13,999.75


    Pigeon United Portable Electric Breast Pump, P10,999.75

    Available in Oga-lala.com, Baby Company, and leading department stores

    Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup-Lee and actress Regine Angeles swear by Pigeon breast pumps because they can bring it anywhere, even in the car during traffi. It's ideal for working moms. The downside? It only offers two sizes for flanges, large and regular. 

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    7. Medela Electric Breast Pumps

    Medela Mini Electric Single Breast Pump, P5,500 on Lazada


    Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump, P9,500 on Lazada

    Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump, P13,500 on Lazada

    Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump, P19,000 on Lazada

    Also available at leading department stores

    Medela has always been a trusted brand. Some moms, however, say it takes time to assemble and to clean because of the many small parts except for the Mini Electric, which has no tubes and can be operated using only one hand. The Swing and Freestyle are both heavy-duty breast pumps. The only difference is the Freestyle has a rechargeable battery while with the Swing, you need to plug it. The Swing Maxi though gives you the option to run it with six AAA batteries. (Buy rechargeable ones, so you don't have to keep buying a fresh set). 


    8. Philips Avent Comfort Electric Breast Pumps

    Philips Avent Comfort Single, P14,299.75 

    Philips Avent Comfort Double, P25,299.75

    Available in Baby Company and leading department stores

    Many moms say it's a bit noisier than most pumps when it is turned on, but it does work well. They also have a gentle stimulations setting apart from the three pumping settings. Its parts are quick and easy to assemble and very easy to clean. 

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