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  • Fashionable and Functional: 6 Mom-Recommended Nursingwear Brands

    Aiming to breastfeed in style? Check out these nursingwear brands recommended by moms just like you.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
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  • Breastfeeding in public should not be something that is looked down on, and certainly nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, it is something to be proud of, and something to be promoted.

    It should also be said that you don’t need any “fancy gear” to be able to breastfeed in public — the truth is, all you need is your baby and your breasts!

    However, to “cover up” while breastfeeding, you can invest in items like nursing covers and nursingwear -- here are some mom-recommended brands to consider:

    1. Elin



    Photo from the Elin website

    Cheryl Chan-Wong, a doula and advocate, and stay-at-home mom to Colin, 4, and Sabine, 5, says she uses Elin for its “unique nursing styles and versatility.”

    “I like Elin nursing tops because it is easy to take them from day to night just by adding accessories and heels,” she adds. “I totally recommend it for its fabric quality, timeless designs and wide range of colors.”

    “Elin's price is just right compared to other nursing tops. I can still see myself using it beyond my breastfeeding journey! It is a wonderful investment in any mother's wardrobe.”

    Elin not only offers nursingwear but maternity wear and other types of clothing as well. Visit their website to browse through their items. Some of their products are also available at Bliss Yoga Manila (Makati Branch), Babyland Shaw Boulevard, and Baobao Babies in Cebu.

    2. Latch a Babe

    Latch a Babe

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    Photo from the Latch A Babe Facebook page

    Kandie Co, owner of Mutterliebe and work-at home-mom to a toddler plus one child on the way, says Latch a Babe is her “go-to nursingwear brand.”

    “Its items are easy to use, very functional, and very fashionable too, so I would recommend it to moms who can afford to buy nursingwear,” she continues. “I am saying this because I know not everyone can afford to buy them.”

    Kandie emphasizes that there are “other ways to breastfeed without using nursingwear,” but she loves Latch a Babe compared to other brands because of its "functionality and design. The price range is not bad as well,” she adds.

    Get in touch with Latch a Babe via their Facebook page. Some of their items can also be found online at BabyOutlet.ph. You can also view and/or fit their items in person at The Parenting Emporium, No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City.

    3. Mommy Matters


    Mommy Matters

    Photo from the Mommy Matters

    Mai Danganan, mompreneur and mom to Asher, 7, and Ashley, 3, says she likes the stylish and versatile designs of Mommy Matters. “The fabric they use is loose and stretchy, so it gives ample allowance for a post-delivery body,” she expounds.

    “Mommy Matters has a wide range of designs that are chic and comfortable, providing easy access for nursing,” Mai adds. “They really let moms ‘breastfeed in style.’”

    Also, Mai says that compared to international nursing wear brands, the price range of Mommy Matter items is “a lot more affordable.”

    Pay Mommy Matters a virtual visit on Facebook, or view their available items on Cudsly. You can also check out their items in person at The Parenting Emporium.

    4. Mommyfide PH


    Mommyfide PH

    Photo from the Mommyfide PH Facebook page

    Lique Castro-Dimayuga, freelance graphic artist and entrepreneur, and mom to two toddlers aged 3 and 1, recommends Mommyfide PH for breastfeeding moms.

    “Since I'm a young mom, I prefer them because they look more ‘youthful’ and casual for my taste,” she explains. “I specifically like the flowy tops of Mommyfide PH," and refers to it as "nursingwear that doesn’t look too ‘obvious.’”

     You can find Mommyfide PH collections on their Facebook page.

    5. Sweetpea



    Photo from the Sweetpea Facebook page

    Castro-Dimayuga also vouches for Sweetpea: "I like their plain inner tops and dresses because I can easily match them with shorts or pants and blazers."

    “They have a lot of styles in plains and prints,” she continues. “If you like bolder colors, they certainly have those. And more importantly, they are well-made but affordable.”

    Find Sweetpea Nursingwear on Facebook.



    6. Tiny Tots

    Tiny Tots

    Photo from the Tiny Tots Facebook page

    Hana Pangan, virtual assistant and work-at-home mom to Ava, 4 , and five-month-old twins Adele and Aidan has this to say about Tiny Tots nursingwear:

    “It is affordable and ordering from them is a breeze. Their clothes do not exceed P 1,500 pesos — the most expensive item that I got is just P 1,250 and it is already a formal dress that could be worn to weddings!”

    Hana further shares that ordering from Tiny Tots is so easy. “I just send them a message through their FB page and they will respond right away with their bank details,” she explains. “The owner, Vicvic, is very easy to do business with. She responds to queries very quickly and is very accommodating to her clients' needs.”

    “Another reason why I love Tiny Tots is because they can make the clothes using my exact measurements. I just email them my current measurements and their cutter does the rest,” she adds.

    As a nursing mom of twins, Hana also says that using Tiny Tots nursingwear has made her breastfeeding journey with her twins easier. “I don't have to worry about hiding the twins under bulky nursing covers since my breasts are hidden quite well,” she quips.

    You can shop online for Tiny Tots items via their Facebook page.

    Do you use any of the recommended nursingwear brands mentioned in this article? Or do you have other brands that you like but are not mentioned here? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

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