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Kryz Uy Describes 'Painful' Mastitis As Like Having 'Little Pebbles Inside Your Boob'
PHOTO BY Instagram/krizzzie
  • Since Kryz Uy gave birth to her and her husband Slater Young's second child Sevi on May 21, 2022, she's been breastfeeding. And, she notes, it's "a challenging journey," though she already experienced it with their 2-year-old panganay Scott.

    "I thought I’d had it down pat by now," the vlogger mom says in her YouTube channel Krizzie. "Because I breastfed Scott for a whole year. But, apparently, all the symptoms babalik s’ya. The pain, babalik s’ya, and more. It’s really different per child."

    Based on her experience, Kryz explains that mastitis happens "when your breasts are incredibly engorged." She adds, "You have clogged milk ducts. So if you touch your boob, it’s rock hard. There’s like rocks, little pebbles inside your boob. It’s clogged milk, and you can’t get it out."

    She talks a bit more about her condition: "For some reason, the baby can’t latch, or there’s a reason why you can’t get the milk out. My reason is Sevi latched wrongly on the boob, and now it’s all scarred up and there are wounds everywhere, scabs everywhere, and the milk can’t get out, even if I pump it or hand express. No matter what I do, the milk can’t get out."

    Kryz gets real about breastfeeding problems, notably mastitis, and caring for both a newborn and a toddler in her vlog.
    PHOTO BY YouTube/Krizzie

    Kryz has consulted two doctors and two lactation experts. She's been told that mastitis is also an infection, that's why she also had chills, fever, and other symptoms. So she's been prescribed to take antibiotics, plus supplements. She's also had lactation breast massage.

    "I know it sounds weird," she says, laughing. "It’s my second time to have this expert massage my boob to help with my mastitis. I feel so much relief, like you can’t imagine. The pain is gone, and when you feel that the breast milk is just flowing and flowing, I can’t imagine. I mean, I can’t explain the feeling. It’s such a feeling of relief after all I’ve been through."

    Kryz is thankful to have her support system in dealing with mastitis, starting with her sister, who linked her up with the right people. She points out that "they really go and beyond to help other people as well."

    She feels "so much better" after going through her painful mastitis that she now wants to use her vlog in reaching out to breastfeeding moms with the same problem.

    Kryz's tips based on how she's dealing with mastitis:

    1. Consult your doctors and follow their advice.

    2. Take your medications.

    3. Consult a lactation expert, who will likely suggest trying a lactation breast massage.

    4. Find support to help you go through the ordeal.

    5. Choose the best postnatal binder, or a pair of stretchy panties (in her case). Try also to keep your hair neatly tied to keep your hair out of your face because "when you’re breastfeeding, you're looking down all the time."

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    PHOTO BY Instagram/krizzzie

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