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  • Poll: Should Breastfeeding Women Cover Up When Nursing in Public?

    An actor-host-DJ recently earned the ire of netizens for a comment he made on air.
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    "They breastfeed as if they own the mall," actor-host-radio DJ KC Montero reportedly said during his morning radio show on September 10. He was referring to breastfeeding moms who nurse in public sans cover-ups, a remark which earned a lot of negative feedback from across the World Wide Web. Breastfeeding advocates and supporters took to social media to defend public breastfeeding, as others agreed with the KC's opinion, too. 

    KC clarified his comment through a tweet, saying, "[I am] not against public breastfeeding but while I believe that it is every mother's right to breastfeed wherever and whenever you want, I just feel that discretion is also necessary to not make other people around you feel awkward or uncomfortable, and to stop perverts from staring. I was merely suggesting that it's best to use a blanket or a burka. I know a lot of women who breastfeed and they don't feel comfortable breastfeeding without a blanket. They would rather not have their exposed breast in full view of the public. Again, I am not against public breastfeeding."


    Breastfeeding in public has been gaining a lot of ground in the country lately. It's not anymore an alien concept that moms can breastfeed their babies anywhere anytime, thus the emergence of lactation areas in public places like the mall for breastfeeding moms to use for their convenience and privacy. However, the topic of covering up while nursing in public is sometimes still frowned upon. “Breastfeeding Tatay” Jaime de Guzman in his opinion piece posted on Rappler.com addressed the issue: “The choice to cover or not rests on the mother and not on onlookers. It’s not about being inconsiderate of others… Nursing mothers don’t breastfeed in public for [other’s] pleasure.” He added, “Breastfeeding isn’t awkward. It’s supposed to be normal.”

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    Should breastfeeding moms cover up when they're nursing in public?

    Yes. It's only proper and polite to be considerate of other people.

    No. Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing. There is no need to hide it.

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