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  • Sitti Has Mixed Emotions As 1-Year-Old Daughter Self-Weans From Her Breast

    The singer is thankful for the time she was able to share those intimate moments with her child
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Sitti Has Mixed Emotions As 1-Year-Old Daughter Self-Weans From Her Breast
PHOTO BY @bossagurl/Instagram
  • Mom of one Sitti put into words how she feels now that her daughter Issiah Dañelle, aka Lilibubs, has voluntarily stopped breastfeeding at only 13 months old.

    “I honestly didn’t expect it to happen this early,” the bossa nova singer wrote on her blog, saying she thought she would have a hard time getting Lilibubs to stop nursing. 

    Recalling the events that have led to it, Sitti says the process was both “gradual and sudden.” 

    At 1 year and 2 weeks old, she says she noticed that their feedings have decreased, along with her milk supply tapering off a bit. She attributed this to Lilibubs being on solids already since she turned 6 months old.

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    She also mentioned how a bad case of mastitis must have contributed to Lilibubs not looking for her breast anymore. 

    “I was down with fever for a night and the following morning, I tried feeding her but she would turn away. Maybe my body temperature was too warm or the taste of my milk changed? I can only guess. For four days she refused to feed from me. On those days as I managed my clogged ducts, I sequestered myself in a different room so that I could rest,” Sitti wrote.

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    In the days that followed, Sitti was happy to have Lilibubs breastfeeding again, although by this time they had already introduced mixed feeding at her pediatrician’s advice. 

    “I didn’t mind, it took pressure off from me not to be the sole milk source and she took well to the milk. Again, we shifted from formula in a bottle to boob with no difficulties. There were actually days when she would refuse to feed from her bottle whenever I was around, such that the additional expense of buying formula wasn’t felt that much. Yet.”

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    Sitti says that although she didn’t know when Lilibubs would stop breastfeeding, she kept on pumping her breast milk still to prevent engorgement. Alas, an incident made it clearer that Lilibubs was ready to be independent from her. 

    “Morning of December 10, Yaya approached me and reported that Lilibubs threw a tantrum the previous night when she was fed my milk in her bottle. Did I feel rejected? Maybe, but I think I was more resigned.  That was the clearest sign of child-led weaning for me. Lilibubs not only didn’t need to nurse from me anymore, she also no longer wanted my expressed milk.”


    Even now that she has packed away her breast pump and nursing clothes, Sitti admits she feels a tinge of sadness that her daughter has weaned from her breast voluntarily.

    “Still, I have to admit that I miss her at my breast and wish that we were still nursing. Especially since I still have milk to give.. But what can I do? It is what it is. Things don’t always go the way we plan or want them to anyway, and much of life - of motherhood, of parenthood - is a continuous practice of letting go. 


    “This is just the beginning of many moments of standing back and letting my child live her life, of steeling my heart so that she can likewise fortify hers, of letting her hand go so she can know that she can stand on her own. 

    “Although I will miss it, I am thankful for the time Lilibubs and I got to nurse. It is now on to the next mothering stages for us, of walking and talking. I currently cling a lot to my baby as I wean, spending as much focused time as I can with her before I leave or prepare for work. Her readiness is making me ready.”

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