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  • Time-lapse videos have become a popular format to document--and immortalize--one's pregnancy journey in a few minutes. If you're looking to make your own, all you need is a camera, a computer with simple video editing software, and your imagination. You take a photo of your pregnant self in the same spot and angle every day or every week. Then, you piece the photos altogether, and voila! You have your video.  

    People have become crafty at creating these videos. Here are some of our favorites that have taken simple concepts a notch higher. We hope it inspires you to do your own.   

    1 Mark your calendars!

    "Watch her baby bump grow!" wrote Jonathan Goebel of his wife's pregnancy. It took 257 photos taken over nine months to make this video. 

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    2 Chalkboard time-lapse

    This video is also pretty simple. It uses a chalkboard to give the audience and idea how far along mom-to-be Sheryn Binks is in her pregnancy. Try to see how many of her funny expressions you can catch. 

    3 How did you get pregnant again?

    This one began on how the pregnancy came to be, implying that a missing center table started it all for Merava and Roy (we want to actually hear more of that story). But it was the couch that became witness throughout the "funny, happy, exhausting, emotional" pregnancy. The whole video used more than 2,000 photos. 

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    4 Pulling the baby out...

    This video's still photos were taken week-by-week. It shows the mom-to-be's baby belly growing bigger, while the dad-to-be seems to be pulling baby stuff out of her belly...until the baby came out. 

    5 Pumped up!


    Joe Penna, a.k.a. TheMightyGuitar, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, spent 10 months making this stop-motion time-lapse video about his wife Sarah Evershed's pregnancy. It started with a flat tire, and you can probably guess what happened next.

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    6 Balloon belly

    Shani Maivar and Matan Tamarkin captured their pregnancy in under a minute and with some scenes shot in the streets of Japan (the orange pillars are in Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto). It started out with Matan blowing a balloon and then handing it out to Shani, seemingly inhaling the air out of the balloon, causing her belly to grow. The 8-bit soundtrack only added more fun into the video. 

    7 A preggo's time capsule

    This video is made up of 1,280 still photos and follows first-time mom-to-be Erin's journey. It has everything that comes with a preparing for a life with a new baby: the pregnancy checkups, ultrasounds, preparing the nursery, the baby shower, and of course, the little lady, her daughter Erin.

    Have your own pregnancy time-lapse video? Share them with us at lei.smartparenting@gmail.com

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