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9 Ways to Beat the Boredom While You're on Bed Rest
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    Who doesn't like the idea of lying in bed all day? But give it a few weeks, and bed rest is the last thing any pregnant woman wants. You can't move, your body is experiencing so many changes, and you're constantly struggling with... boredom.

    We can't help you get out of a bed rest order (only your doctor can do that). But boredom busters for you? You can count on us. Here's the mindset we want you to be in: see it an opportunity to be a lady of leisure.  

    1 Catch up on your reading 
    Pick a book or an e-book, and go places with your imagination. You probably want to start on light reads. Try English Only, Please, a novelization of the hit movie. You'll finish that in one sitting. Then pick up Everyone Can Be Creative by Merlee Cruz-Jayme, a great book on how you can tap the creative in you. The book even has challenges" that just requires a pen and an open mind.  


    2 Watch your favorite series.
    Online video streaming is a gift to preggos on bed rest. Binge-watch on TV shows and movies you've always said you've been meaning to watch. If you ask our favorites, that would be Mr. Robot and Modern Family on iFlix or Daredevil and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix.

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    3 Play games on your smartphone or tablet
    It can be addicting, but it does well to while away the time. Choose from no-brainer games to apps that exercise your brain. The list can be endless: Candy Crush Jelly, Diner Dash, Tiny Tower, The Room, Limbo, and more from Google Play and the App Store. Or you can also try to learn a new language with Duolingo (it's okay if you want to go back to Diner Dash). 

    4 Invite friends to come over.
    You can't go out and eat out, but you can always bring the party to you! Invite your girlfriends over for endless hours of chatting about anything under the sun. No meetings or errands can cut your bonding time short. Don't be shy to tell them it's potluck or just order delivery.

    5 Book a home spa.
    With the go-ahead of your doctor, of course. Prenatal massages or a mani-pedi can brighten any girl's day. A lot of home service massages also bring the ambiance of the spa right at the comforts of your own home. Choose from Spot.ph's list of home spas they've tried and tested, or opt for a DIY home spa (just ask hubby to help). 

    6 Exercise could also be an option. 
    Light exercises you can do with your arms and legs while on the bed are your best bets. Squeeze stress balls, raise your feet up, and hold it there once in a while. Again, first consult your doctor what exercises you can while on bed rest, to be safe.

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    7. Start a new hobby.
    Try crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching. Makes you feel too much of a Tita? Book folding can be relaxing, or make a brag book for your little one's arrival. In short, make yourself productive and creative. 

    8. Write a journal
    Think about it: You are on the verge of a major life change. Putting down all those gamut of emotions on paper can be...calming. Really. Read this if you don't know where to start. If you're looking for inspiration, we recommend motherrisingbirth.com. If you need help getting in touch with your inner self, visit teachwithjoy.com.

    9 Shop online!
    Never underestimate the power of retail therapy--or, rather, online shoppping therapy. Zalora and Lazada are your best bets. Start with a great dress that hugs your new curvy shape. Just remember to keep to a budget!

    Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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