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  • Test Your Infant Quotient: Preparing for a New Baby

    As you infanticipate, take a short quiz to test your infant quotient to see if you’re ready to care for a newborn. Don’t fret, it won’t be graded. At worst, you’ll learn something new.
    by Imelda Morales-Aznar .
  • baby boyWhen a baby comes into a family, especially a firstborn, it usually arrives along with a bundle of questions. Perplexed and anxious moms (and dads!) suddenly become quite unsure of how to take care of a new baby.
    Joy Ty-Sy, M.D., pediatrician at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center, says that when it comes to taking care of babies, “more than the academic know-how, [parents] must also be emotionally and spiritually ready to face this new chapter of life.”
    Dr. Ty-Sy shares with us her expertise and experience as she provides insights into some of the most baffling mysteries in the realm of newborn care. Take the Infant Quotient Quiz, below, and test your knowledge about caring for a new baby. So get your pens and get cracking. Don’t be uptight as you go through the questions; relax, take a deep breath, and have fun!

    Quiz to Test Your Infant Quotient
    1. Why do babies seem to sneeze all the time?
    a. Your home is too dusty
    b. Nose is congested
    c. They caught a cold

    2. What causes the facial breakouts on your baby’s face?
    a. Hormones
    b. Dirt
    c. It’s natural and it will disappear on its own

    3. Why is there blood in your baby girl’s nappy?
    a. The impurities inside are being flushed out
    b. The baby’s uterus is stimulated by estrogen
    c. There is an infection; call the doctor

    4. Feeding infants cereal at night will make them sleep longer.
    a. True
    b. False

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