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  • medical doctorFor many women, finding the right OB-Gynecologist can be a daunting and frightening ordeal. Aside from the thought of having to share your intimate and private affairs with a perfect stranger, you will also have to literally endure being poked and prodded in your most sensitive and private areas! An OB-Gyn check-up is a must for every woman, especially if they are sexually active, in their birthing years, and even beyond. OB-Gyns are your allies in your reproductive health and that is very important.


    It would be great if all OB-Gyns were nice and accommodating and easy to talk to. Unfortunately though, not all of them are like that and it really does take some effort from you to find someone who you can get along with well and trust.

    Here are some tips on finding an OB-Gyn that is right for you:

    1). Get referrals from friends and relatives that you know and trust.
    To prevent any uncomfortable and untoward situations, it is always best to seek referrals from people you know and trust. Also, don’t be afraid to set appointments with several doctors for an initial consultation. By doing this, you will be able to have options and find the OB-Gyn that is perfect for you.

    A friend of mine was so afraid to ask people for referrals so she just went to a random OB-Gyn in a clinic. As it turned out, the OB-Gyn was very disapproving of my friend’s pre-marital affairs that she was very scoff and less than gentle when she was examining her. Her disapproval of my friend’s lifestyle and lack of proper bedside manner was off-putting and obviously that was her first and last consultation with that OB-Gyn.

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    2. Find someone that puts you and your welfare as top priority.

    You should be able to trust that your OB-Gyn will be there for you and do what is best for you at all times.

    My own OB-Gyn told me just a few weeks before I was due to have my second child that their first priority is the woman or mother that is their patient. That is also the reason why a pediatrician is asked to be present during births - so that they can also put the child’s welfare as their top priority, too.  

    Sadly, a friend spoke of an OB-Gyn that refused to perform a C-Section on her patient even if the pregnancy conditions of the woman warranted it only because the hospital she was affiliated with was checking up and auditing doctors that automatically recommend C-Sections even if unnecessary. The woman eventually had to undergo an emergency C-Section after hours of stressful labor which put both her and her child’s life at risk.


    Cases like these should never happen if OB-Gyns put their patient’s welfare above all else. Remember, you are entrusting your reproductive health, and even your life (during childbirth) to your OB-Gyn so you have to make sure they are there for you a hundred percent.

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