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Having Sex Twice-in-an-hour Ups Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
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  • Wanting to get pregnant? Get your partner on board this idea. Don't worry; he might not need a lot of convincing.

    We have all heard about theories that claim to give couples higher chances of getting pregnant. Particular diets (all-meat for men), perfect timing (the scientifically-proved ovulation period for women), healthy lifestyle (get enough rest, stop smoking, and drink less alcohol!), sexual positions (think deep, rear-entry ones and positions where the woman's pelvis is elevated), and even certain pamahiins (e.g. not getting up right away after making love and dancing in the Obando Festival in Bulacan). Admit it or not, couples will try just about anything and everything if they truly wanted to have a baby pronto.

    If you've tried these and are left wanting, you might want to try this.

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    New research from North Middlesex Hospital suggests that having sex twice within an hour could triple a man's chances of becoming a father. The study, which was recently presented at the European Health and Care Excellence, suggests that it's the second time that could help another line appear on the pregnancy test.

    The study involved 73 couples who were all undergoing intrauterine insemination, where the sperm is injected directly into the womb. Researchers found that when the men who produced two batches of sperm within an hour, the second batch resulted to pregnancy more than 20-percent of the time. That's three times the success rate (6%) of pregnancy using this fertility technique!

    "Though this is a relatively small study, we believe it is a big step forward and could make a major difference to pregnancy rates. It would be reasonable to assume the same effect would apply to men trying to conceive naturally," says research leader Gulam Bahadur of North Middlesex Hospital. It should also be noted that the women who participated in the study also took certain medications to stimulate their fertility cycles.

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    But what about the notion that men should abstain from sex to "save" their sperm? This belief suggests that men should let their sperm accumulate in between no-sex days, so that when they finally have sex during the woman’s ovulation period, they have a lot of ammo, so to speak. But reasearchers now believe that more sex might boost a man's sperm count rather than drain it. Plus, the fresher the sample, the better.

    Of course, it’s still not the one and only surefire way to get pregnant. Theresa Camara. M.D., an OB-Gyn specialist at Eastwood Medical, says that there can be a combination of factors that affects a couple's chances of conceiving a baby. “The quality of the sperm, the timing of the woman’s cycle, and the health status of the woman--these play major roles in the ability to conceive," she stresses. If you have issues in these areas, then you should address these first.

    That being said, it also doesn’t hurt to try it a few times, right? So... are you and hubby ready for lots of round-twos?


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    What other parents are reading

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