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  • pregnant onesieYou’re pregnant! Yes, you, the woman holding up the test stick with two lines out. Then there comes the trip to your OB-Gynecologist, the first of many to come. For many first time parents like myself three years ago, “baby-flation”, or simply, the cost of bringing a bundle of joy - and great expenditure - into the world, is grossly underestimated. 

    You see, the most expensive thing about having a baby is the parent/s. Done all wrong, exultant parents will cash out on everything in the market, most of which end up hardly used or barely enjoyed (still have that branded bottle warmer stashed in a cupboard?). Or while pregnant, instead of gearing up for future disbursements, (like, uh…childbirth?) some people go overboard with 4D ultrasounds galore and end up with a photo album of something still in utero, akin to taking pictures of yourself packing your bags before the actual holiday. Unless you can afford it without compromising the essential, hold back a little for these two phases:  the first, beginning at the first trimester till birth; and the second, from birth to six months.  


    Phase 1:  Pregnancy until Birth


    Unless you’re quite literally up in the boonies, you would probably want to see a reputable OB-Gynecologist. On the panel is St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon city consultant, and St. Luke’s Global City visiting consultant Dr. Judy Ann Uy-De Luna: “Tertiary hospitals (first rate) are the most reliable choices. Aside from better equipment, they have blood banks in case of postpartum hemorrhage. Even if all is good through a woman’s whole term, virtually anything can happen giving birth.”

    She notes that most reputable OB-Gynecologists here charge about P500-P1000 for a consult, and P2,500-3,000 per ultrasound. “Initially, you can expect to pay anywhere from P3,000-P8,000 for lab tests, blood work and other procedures, but this is all in yours and your baby’s best interest” adds Dr. Uy-De Luna.

    Birthing centers, or lying-in clinics will charge anywhere from P5,000-P15,000, and Dr. Uy-De Luna points out that they are all located within range of hospitals, in case complications occur during childbirth. At tertiary hospitals, the rate would be anywhere from P80,000-P100,000 for a normal delivery, and P120,000-P150,000 for a Cesarean section procedure. The good doctor also points that “All of these fees are assuming that you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, and that you are not hypertensive or diabetic or have other conditions.”

    So here’s the breakdown for a healthy pregnancy:

    Consultation: P10,000

    Ultrasound and Tests: P 20,000

    Vitamins and Supplements: P8,000

    Normal Birth: 80,000

    Conservative total cost: P118,000


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