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  • Kylie on Her Tita Mariel: 'I'm Thankful to Have Her in My Life'

    "Hindi ko in-expect na my stepmother will be my 'step-in' mother."
    by Rachel Perez .
Kylie on Her Tita Mariel: 'I'm Thankful to Have Her in My Life'
PHOTO BY Lai de Guzman
  • In an exclusive interview with, the 24-year-old actress got emotional when she spoke about Mariel Padilla and how she found the time to support Kylie in her pregnancy.

    "Hindi ko in-expect na my stepmother will be my 'step-in' mother," Kylie said, adding that her mom Liezl Sycangco is in Australia looking after her two younger siblings. 

    Kylie shared that Mariel texts her every day to ask how she's doing and gives her pregnancy advice like what classes to take. "Parang life got so much easier, and she's doing this while she's a mother din to her kid," she said. "Kakaiba rin yung love niya sa akin...I'm really thankful to have her in my life right now. She's being a mom to me, too" she said. (Watch the rest of our interview here.) 

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    On Instagram, the Kapuso actress posted her heartfelt gratitude to Mariel. "Thank you to this amazing woman who made all of this happen. I really don't know how to thank you enough for making magic happen for my baby's baby shower -- from theme to the guests, to the registry at mother care and even the setting up of the place," Kylie wrote in the caption. "I can't even fathom how much work you put into this night and even while taking care and being such a dedicated mother to baby Maria. Thank you again so much, even also for all the advice and all the help outside of the shower. Even Aj thanks you. I am blessed to have you there for me. Thank you, tita," she added. 

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