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Maggie Wilson Shares Pregnancy 'Wasn't the Happiest Time' In Her Life
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  • It would seem like mom, model and TV host Maggie Wilson has everything that any woman could want in life: a blooming career, a successful business, and a happy family life.

    But Maggie is most proud about Connor, her 5-year-old son with husband Victor Consunji. He does not 'scream, spit, scratch, and throw tantrums.' In an exclusive interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last March 20, she said, "Super lucky, super proud to have a son like him. He's such a good boy."

    But while motherhood appears to be breezy for the former beauty queen, her pregnancy was not. "I was vomiting everyday while I was pregnant. I was bedridden, it was horrible for me."

    She noted, "Believe me, my entire pregnancy and giving birth, the last six months of having it was not the happiest time in my life. The first six months of post-baby was tough on me and tough on my marriage as well."

    And postpartum depression? The books that she read helped her "recognize the signs." She said, "So I knew I was suffering from depression because I was getting angry at my child. And that's sign number one."

    One major cause of her stress was not having enough breast milk. "I was one of those moms who unfortunately didn't have enough milk to breastfeed. That's why I'm also difficult on myself because moms can be very judgy here in the Philippines when you don't breastfeed. That's the first thing they ask, 'Are you breastfeeding?' You're just like, 'I'm mixed feeding because I don't have enough milk.'

    "I've done everything, you know, to be able to try to, but...its genetically, it's just impossible for me."

    Nonetheless, she was able to breastfeed Connor for three months. So if you ask her what it is like to become a new mom, Maggie disproves what most moms say after giving birth. "You know they say, 'Oh, the moment you see your baby, you're gonna forget all that.' That's BS [b*llsh*t], that's a lie.

    "So whenever I have a friend that is pregnant, they ask me what they should expect, I give it to them. Because I don't want them to say, 'You lied to me, you told me that after I see my child, it's gonna be you know, all nice and butterflies, and unicorns, no.'

    "That's the reality of being a mom."


    Maggie was 23 when she gave birth, and she realizes now that she underestimated the responsibilities and stress that having a baby entails.

    "I knew what I was getting myself into. I've read so many books on how to be a mom, how to take care of a baby, but nothing will ever truly prepare you for motherhood."

    Maggie's dad became her confidant. "It was actually the very first time I called my dad crying, because my parents don't live here. My parents live in Saudi Arabia, that's where I grew up.

    "I called my dad, because I'm closer with my dad, crying. And then he called my mom, he was like, 'You need to go home now because Maggie and Victor will kill each other.'"

    Her mom, Sonia Nales, became a great help for her to overcome the depression. "She basically asks me what do I need, what do I want.... I said, 'I just need time.' I just need 15 minutes in shower doing absolutely nothing.

    "She gave me like several weeks, she gave me like three weeks. She would take Connor from me for a few hours, just so I would have quiet time, sort of get back to my self."

    After all that she's been through, are Maggie and Victor planning to have another baby? The host of Philippines' Next Top Model answered, "I'm just like mentally preparing myself for baby number two. It will happen soon." 

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    This story originally appeared on Pep.ph.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors. 

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