• Making a Pregnancy Journal: The Why’s, What’s and How’s

    Not sure how to make a pregnancy journal? We give you these tips to get you started.
    by Ana P. Santos .
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    Every expecting mother goes through a 10-month (yes, pregnancy is 10 months) journey that deserves to be chronicled in a pregnancy journal.

    Most mothers think about chronicling baby’s life only upon giving birth, but just as valuable would be documenting the months before, when you and baby were growing together (quite literally!) as one.
    But if you’re still unsure about why you should start one, how to start or even what to put in, here is a list of why’s and how’s for making a pregnancy journal.

    The Why's

    Why #1: For memories’ sake
    Dr. Marge dela Rosa, a OB-GYNE at the Makati Medical Center strongly recommends starting a pregnancy journal. “With this, you can document everything that happened and all the memories the pregnancy brought about.”

    Dr. dela Rosa, who now has a 10 year old son, adds, “We didn’t have that (pregnancy journals) before so all we do is re-collect events of the the past. Thoughts and memories fade away, but events documented will forever be there.”

    Why #2: For medical purposes and future reference
    Dr. dela Rosa adds that you could also use a journal to chronicle your pregnancy condition which would be valuable reference for your succeeding pregnancies.

    While each pregnancy is different, certain things like weight gain per trimester, how long your last pregnancy was and if you had any difficult conditions at a certain stage of the pregnancy will be noteworthy.

    Why #3: To re-live the pregnancy with your child after he / she is born
    A pregnancy journal will serve as a memory book for yourself and your child--and this doesn’t go for just firstborns.


    At some point, your child is going to ask you things about what it was like when you were carrying them in your tummy, what you and her father (or your choice co-parents) were like and what your life was like B.C. (before Child).  A pregnancy journal would serve as a nice memory book / story book to look back on together.

    Some moms like Joanne used her pregnancy journal as a bedtime story. “My son, Javi, was always curious about what it was like in Mommy’s tummy. I couldn’t explain that in specifics, but I could tell him what it was like for me and for our doctor to track his growth. The pictures and keepsakes in my pregnancy journal served as a good story for bedtime,” said Joanne.

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