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  • Maternity Swimwear: Wearable Styles for Preggy Fun in the Sun

    The best way to show off your bump in all its fabulousness is in fashionable poolside wear!
    by Ines Bautista-Yao .
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  • Below are some stylish maternity wear that you might want to try out this summer. Who says you can’t be preggy and still enjoy some fun in the sun? This is the perfect time to show off your pregnant glory. Apart from the different wearable styles of maternity swimwear below, get some style tips too!
    Flaunt It with a Bikini!
    Take advantage of the only time you can wear a bikini while proudly showing off a big, round belly! It’s time to go bikini shopping. You aren’t limited to maternity bathing suits either. Check out regular swimwear. Just make sure that they give you ample coverage now that your breasts and butt are not the size they used to be. 
    Style Tip: Spice up a plain bikini with a cute printed scarf. Wear it as a headband for a burst of color and to protect you from the sun too!
    Swimsuit, P2,045, Marks & Spencer 


    Pink Havaianas, P645, All Flip Flops

    Scarf, (stylist’s own), SM Department Store

    Cover Up!
    After a dip in the pool, throw on a thin, light-colored dress to avoid getting too much sun on your skin—especially on the sensitive skin on your belly. You wouldn’t want a sunburned baby bump! At the same time, wearing a hat to protect your head from the heat is a good way to avoid sunstroke or dizzy spells.
    Style Tip: Love the denim look? Though it may be a bit too hot for the summer, you can try a lightweight, light colored dress as a cover up over your swimsuit.
    Sandals, P950, Pill at The Ramp 

    Dress,P2,950, Marks & Spencer 

    Hat, about P250, SM Department Store 

    Bag, P250, Legaspi Market 

    Be Practical. Try a tankini that grows with you.
    Swimming is great exercise—especially for a mom-to-be who needs her strength for the long hours of labor. Commit to doing more laps in the pool by getting a suit that can grow with you. You’ll be able to wear it for style and practical purposes. Find a tankini that has ruching and garters on the sides that you can adjust as your belly grows.
    Style Tip:  Welcome the nautical look back into your summer wardrobe by wearing swimsuits that have either blue or red and white stripes.
    Tankini, P1,125, H.A.B.

    watch now

    Earrings, P395, The Ramp
    Play with Color
    Even if it’s only on your feet, a bright splash of color will turn any hormonal mood right side up! Besides, getting a swimsuit in black gives you the chance to go crazy with your accessories.
    Style Tip: Support local industries. Instead of toting heavy leather or fabric bags this summer, try a banig bag. It’s very light, durable, and easy to clean. No need to worry about sunscreen spills!
    Swimsuit, P1,650, The Ramp

    Necklace, P1250, Risa Recio

    Jewelry Bag, P250, Salcedo Market

    White dress, P999.75, Gingersnaps

    Teal Hortela Havaianas, P995, All Flip Flops
    Be Summery All-Year Long!
    You don’t have to be at the beach to carry off a summery strapless dress. Stay cool all-year long in lightweight fabric that shows off some skin. And while you’re at it, choose something bright and fun. Show off your pregnant glow and celebrate the life inside you! 
    Style Tip: Bright-colored sandals are perfect for the summer. Hide your browns and blacks and slip your tootsies into a sunshine-colored pair!
    Dress, P650, The Ramp


    Necklace, P1,250, Risa Recio Jewelry

    Bag, P250, Legaspi Market 

    Yellow sandals, P790, Pill at The Ramp
    Go Light!
    Afraid to show off your arms this summer but can’t stand the heat? Don’t despair. Look for light and breezy fabrics that will keep you cool in the heat yet still cover up what you wish to hide.
    Style Tip: When choosing accessories, opt for bigger, chunkier ones. Now that you’ve got the best accessory of all—your baby bump—you need a necklace that calls attention to itself as well.  
    Necklace, P600,  Risa Recio Jewelry 

    White Shades, P50, 168

    Top, P3,450, Marks & Spencer 

    Shorts, P895, H.A.B.
    Focus on Details.
    As a mom-to-be, you’re definitely aware of how the little things matter. Why not take this into your summer look and jazz up your plains with lots of accessories? Don’t be afraid to pile on the bangles or slip on some beaded sandals. Remember it’s the little things that make people stop and take notice!
    Style Tip: As much as we love accessories, try not to overdo it too. If you’ve got loud dangling earrings, skip the necklace. If you’d rather wear something pretty around your neck, a pair of simple studs will do.
    Earrings, P250, The Ramp


    Swimsuit, P785, Pill at the Ramp

    Bangles, P795, The Ramp 

    Shorts, P800, Gingersnaps

    Sandals, P1,650, The Ramp
    Play with Prints!
    Showcase your beautiful pregnant body in a pretty, printed tankini. As you near your ninth month, your belly will need more support as it gets heavier. It might be time to pack away the bikinis and find a suit that’s snug. Choosing a tankini over a one-piece suit is always better since it’ll make pee breaks less stressful.
    Style Tip: Simple dangling earrings are the perfect accessory when you’re already wearing a busy print.
    Swimsuit, P1,125 H.A.B.

    Earrings, P495, The Ramp
    Stay Cool
    Gone are the days when pregnant women wore frilly dresses with strange-looking bibs. Today, preggy fashion understands that when you’ve got a bun in the oven, you feel pretty much like that—hot as an oven. So keep yourself cool especially this summer with easy-to-wear tube dresses that keep you looking (and not feeling!) hot!
    Style Tip: To keep your look soft and feminine, tie a bit of lace around your wrist as a pretty cuff.
    Necklace, P600, Risa Recio JewelryDress, P995, H.A.B. Maternity Wear
    Choose Brights!
    When looking for a dress or cover up, choose those in bright, happy colors. At the same time, liven up your plains by layering your necklaces. Just make sure they aren’t heavy!
    Style Tip: Jazz up your plain tote by tying a scarf around it! Who says accessories can’t be accessorized too?
    Necklaces, P950 and P1,250, Risa Recio Jewelry


    Dress, P999.75, Gingersnaps

    Bag, P250, Salcedo Market

    Scarf, (stylist’s own), Greenhills Tiangge

    Risa Recio Jewelry can be reached at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Risa-Recio-Jewelry/272605152131?ref=ts or e-mail risarecio@gmail.com
    So, step out this summer and don’t hide your bump. Try out any of these maternity swimwear styles and go have some preggy fun under the sun. Make sure you’re always comfortable. We made sure that everything in this article are wearable styles: from the more daring bikini all the way to the conservative tankini.

    Styling by Martina Bautista

    Makeup by Lorie Abraham

    Hair by Ester Pitao

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