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  • sexual intimacy

    Couples will try just about anything to conceive once they’ve decided that the time is right. This applies even in the bedroom, so that sex becomes somewhat of a strategic battle plan than a passionate expression of their bond. But do different sexual positions really play a role in a woman’s ability to conceive?

    With the internet bringing worldwide information at our fingertips, search engines are replacing doctor consultations. Although testimonials of women abound on internet fertility forums, there simply isn’t hard scientific evidence to back up the idea that certain sexual positions are more apt than others to make you conceive.

    From a physiological standpoint, your reproductive structures are generally fixed in place - no matter how acrobatic you may be in bed, your uterus will basically stay in place. As you reach orgasm, your vagina lengthens and the uterus straightens, resulting from muscular contractions and the pulling of attached ligaments. This facilitates the arduous journey of your partner’s “little soldiers” to find their destined egg.

    Dr. Theresa Camara, an Ob-Gyne specialist at Eastwood Medical, recommends focusing your efforts elsewhere if you’re trying to get pregnant. “The quality of the sperm, the timing of the woman’s cycle, and the health status of the woman - i.e. being free from infections, etc.- these play major roles in the ability to conceive. If you have any issues in these areas, it doesn’t matter what you do during sex - you won’t get pregnant.”


    Conversely, this also means that no sexual maneuvers are better than others at preventing conception; so if you thought you could escape birth control methods by making a few adjustments in the sack, think again.

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