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  • Preggy Chronicles: 10 Questions With Bianca Gonzalez Intal

    The soon-to-be new mom opens up about staying fit while pregnant, dressing the bump, Baby Lucia, and more
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    Anyone can tell that Bianca Gonzalez Intal is having the time of her life even now that she's eight months and three weeks along the family way. The TV host, editor, author and lifestyle columnist is just waiting for her baby to arrive.

    "Early in the pregnancy, a lot of people say, “Oh, you’ll love being pregnant,” and I was like, what’s to love about this? I feel so ugh.  But now that I’m in the home stretch, I really think I will miss being pregnant because I love being pregnant.," Bianca says, looking back.

    We caught up with her at the launch which introduced her as the newest ambassador for Olay Total Effects skin care line, and here are her candid answers:

    Now that I’m pregnant, I feel prettiest…
    "...when I wake up in the morning and I feel like I’m so heavy. My belly is already so big, I have no makeup on and yet my husband looks at me na parang, "oh my god, that’s my wife carrying my child!" Definitely it makes me feel like I’m my most beautiful ever."

    On days I’m feeling unpretty, I…
    "...put in a lot of effort talaga. When you’re pregnant, because you’re feeling so many things — you feel heavy and bloated — it’s so easy to just make pabaya and just say, “Hay nako, I’m going out and I'm just going to tie my hair and wear shades, whatever.” It’s so easy to fall into that trap. But I assure every pregnant woman that if you just put in a little effort — do skin care and put on a little kilay and lipstick — you’ll really, really feel more confident. It’s super, super worth it."


    I keep myself fit by…
    "...swimming and doing Pilates. Me kasi, prior to being pregnant, I really have been swimming as my cardio [exercise] and I’ve been doing Pilates siguro mga five years na. My doctor said that if your body is really used to working [out], there’s no excuse at all to stop it when you’re pregnant. The safest exercises for pregnant women are walking, swimming, and specialized workouts like prenatal yoga and prenatal Pilates. Nagkataon lang na 'yun talaga ang workout ko.

    "I encourage all pregnant women to exercise kasi pregnant or not, when you feel sluggish and then you exercise, parang meron ka talagang renewed energy. It works exactly the same. For me, now that I’m pregnant, it helps fight laziness and morning sickness. But of course, it’s only recommended if your pregnancy is not maselan. Me kasi, thankfully hindi at all, so until now, I’m exercising."

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    The biggest challenge of my pregnancy...
    "...was the everyday commitment to take care of myself more. If you work out, you are able to be strong enough to carry your baby, prepare your body for giving birth, prepare your body for recovery after giving birth. If you eat well or drink a lot of water, [it’s the baby who] benefits also. I’m one of those who believe na she [the baby] feels what I feel. If I’m always happy, she’s happy also. She doesn’t feel stressed or pain."

    What I like best about being pregnant is...
    "A lot! This is the longest time I have never been sick — no fever, no cough, no sipon. Me din, ever since I was in grade school, I’d have a bad migraine every two weeks, and ever since I got pregnant, zero migraine. This is also the nicest I’ve ever been kasi I don’t have my period so hindi ako nagsusungit. And really just the happy disposition — I just really consider myself so lucky."

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    What I like least about being pregnant is...
    "It’s just harder to move. Putting lotion, putting on your panty is a bit harder in the heavier months. That’s the hardest part for me, not being able to be as limber, but then the trade-off naman is leaps and bounds."

    Looking at my pregnant body, I feel...
    "I was already expecting to gain all the pregnancy weight. What’s important is that [the baby] has a normal weight. I’m thankful for my genes because my mom also did gain a lot of weight when she was pregnant. I’d also like to think that eating well and working out helped a lot. And I’m not on a diet ha, I still love ice cream, I eat cookies, I just don’t binge."

    I like dressing up my baby bump by...
    "I’m enjoying my belly talaga. I’ve enjoyed dressing it up. I never bought any maternity clothes at all. Thankfully, nauso ngayon ang shapeless so I stick to that or stretch fabrics. I stick to clothes that I can still wear even when I’m not pregnant. I didn’t want to spend on maternity clothes because I’m not going to be pregnant forever."

    This whole experience has changed me by...
    "I think, more than anything, I appreciate my mother more. Being pregnant even if my baby is not yet out, it makes me think about how much I love her already. 

    "It makes me look back at the times when sinagot-sagot ko ang mommy ko or when I rolled my eyes at her, and I would just think, “My God! If my daughter did that to me, I’d be so hurt.” But then looking back, “Oh my god, ginawa ko ’yon sa nanay ko, she must be so hurt!” And this is just while she’s in my tummy, wala pa ‘yun walking, talking rebelling child."


    My message to Baby Lucia is...
    "I just want her to know that I know we’re probably not going to be perfect parents, but we’ll do our very best to make sure she grows up to be a down-to-earth, good, God-fearing, and hopefully, achiever little girl."  

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