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  • Kamot Sa Tiyan? 'Stretch Mark Camouflage' Treatment Permanently Covers Them Up

    First introduced in South America and Europe, this service is now also in the Philippines
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Kamot Sa Tiyan? 'Stretch Mark Camouflage' Treatment Permanently Covers Them Up
PHOTO BY Bianca Festejo/YouTube
  • A pregnancy is a blessing. But ask women how they feel about their bodies in the first few months postpartum, and many will admit to having insecurities as they try to come to terms with the many changes their bodies have gone through.

    Some of these include weight gain, skin discoloration, postpartum hair loss, and stretch marks. The first three mentioned are temporary — you could lose the weight eventually, the dark skin will soon disappear, and your hair will grow back. However, once you have stretch marks, you are scarred for life (pardon the pun).

    It is said that the use of topical creams and lotions on your tummy as it expands during pregnancy could help lessen the possibility of getting stretch marks. A number of treatments are also available to fade their appearance, like laser procedures. However, none of these seem enough to offer a permanent solution. 

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    “Stretch marks or striae appear when the skin is stretched or pulled by rapid growth. This is usually caused by hormonal changes like puberty, pregnancy, menopausal hormone therapy, and even body-building,” says Bianca Festejo, owner of Bianca Festejo Beauty Hub.


    In December 2019, the beauty entrepreneur introduced the hub's newest service, Stretch Mark Camouflage, as a permanent solution to stretch mark woes. 

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    Stretch mark camouflage is a tattoo service that is safe and non-invasive. It is a treatment option that uses special pigments to cover up stretch marks. First introduced in South America and Europe, Bianca Festejo's Beauty Hub takes pride in being the first one to offer this procedure in the Philippines. 

    Bianca studied with one of the creators of the stretch mark camouflage treatment in Brazil, and also took courses in Paris where she learned new techniques she can combine with her previous learnings.

    Stretch mark camouflage, which originated from Brazil, uses skin tone pigments to camouflage the stretch marks to give an illusion that it's the same color as our skin. Bianca provides answers to frequently-asked questions about the treatment.

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    Who can undergo the stretch mark camouflage treatment?


    Anybody who has stretch marks can undergo the treatment. If your stretch marks are because of pregnancy, you need to wait at least two years after giving birth before you can do the treatment, says Bianca. This is because as your stretch marks heal in time, they will continue to change in color. 

    "When you've just given birth, usually iba pa yung color ng stretch marks natin. After two years, maghi-heal pa yan, at doon natin makikita yung actual color niya.

    "Kung ika-camouflage natin agad yan nang hindi muna tayo naghihintay ng two years, it's possible na mag-change pa yung color niya at maaapektuhan din yung [results ng] camouflage natin."

    However, if you have stretch marks because you lost weight, the treatment can be done immediately.

    Will there be discoloration?

    Bianca assures clients that because the treatment uses a skintone pigment, there will be no discoloration.

    "Kung ano yung color ng skin mo, yun yung kakalabasan niya.

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    How long does the treatment take?

    The duration of the treatment is on a case-to-case basis, says Bianca. "Of course, mas madaming stretch marks, it will take longer. In some cases, kung sobrang dami niyan, I might ask you to come for another session."

    Prior to the actual treatment, a consultation will be done with the doctor.

    "Choosing the right color is one of the trickiest parts. Hindi siya talaga ganun kadali. You have to really experiment on colors to make sure that you come up with the perfect color for the client's skin type."

    That said, the number of sessions required will also depend on how much stretch marks you have. 

    "What I can promise you is that in every session, you will see a difference. You will see an improvement."

    Are the results of the treatment permanent?

    "Because it's a skin tone color, usually it should last for a lifetime," says Bianca. 


    However, how long the pigment will last will also depend on your lifestyle.

    "Some of us want to be under the sun, some of us want to peel, some of us want to be whiter, some of us take glutathione. These are factors that can affect the camouflage."

    But, all things considered, "This treatment is really good and can help a lot of women and men solve their stretch marks problems," Bianca says. 

    The stretch mark camouflage tattoo treatment is available at Bianca Festejo Beauty Hub branches. Price starts at Php13,000.

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