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  • 17 Crazy Things Pinay Preggos Have Asked Their Partners to Do

    Talk about preggy perks! Hubbies show how far they'll go for the love of their pregnant partners.
    by Rachel Perez .
17 Crazy Things Pinay Preggos Have Asked Their Partners to Do
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  • Pregnancy can be a roller coaster for many women because of all that hormones raging inside. In books, television and the big screen, expecting women have been often portrayed as crazy because of the ridiculous food or tasks they would ask of their partners. If you have ever wondered whether they are all made up, think again.

    We asked our Facebook fans to submit the weirdest and craziest things they've asked their partner to do for them while pregnant. And, oh boy, it can get crazy all right. 

    Weird food requests at odd hours

    We just might try cocoa powder on rice. 

    Like the hubby probably, we can't figure why he needed to walk.

    The wonder of this request it all sounds plausible. 

    At least, it was ham!

    The important she is she shares her food. 

    Good job!

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    Asked hubby to do because you couldn't do it yourself

    That's okay. It's just milk, really. 

    Awww. That was not too tasking, right? 

    We found this so sweet. 

    Easy-peasy -- men know how to shave. 

    Ahem, sexy este cool. 

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    Simply odd, mind-boggling requests

    The hormones strike again!  

    This was easier and cost-efficient than the previous one.

    You know that they say, "This, too, shall pass."

    Now, we don't think the hubby complained one bit. 

    We have to give him pogi points for effort. 

    Okay, this may be crossing the line. 

    And though the following wasn't part of any request, we just wondered whether a pregnant woman made this dad-bod fanny packs. Enjoy! 


    Got some more crazy, weird things you asked hubby to do for you? Keep them coming. Share it in the comments below or send them via Facebook Messanger with the hashtag #SPPreggyPerks!

    What other parents are reading

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