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  • 10 Ways to Stave off Boredom during Pregnancy Bedrest

    Try one or a few of these fun ideas to pass the time when flipping through magazines and watching reruns no longer cut it.
    by Natasha Balbas .
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    Staying in bed all day sounds like an ideal prescription for most people, but if you’re a pregnant woman on bedrest, it’s more like a jail sentence. Establishing a routine (and sticking to it!) is the best way to regain control over your life and maintain a positive outlook throughout the duration of your bedrest. Just because your physical activities are limited, doesn’t mean you’ll be any less productive or have less fun.

    Before you start any new activities, make sure to check with your healthcare provider. Here are some creative ideas to help make your bedrest a little less ho-hum:

    1. Bring the salon to you.
    Ever wanted to try something different with your hair, nails, or make-up? Now’s the time to experiment; after all, if you hate it, no one has to see it! Pamper yourself with a manicure and pedicure (brands that are safe for pregnant women are now available in the market). Ask a friend who’s good with make-up to try on a different look for you. Curious about a new hairstyle? Consider asking your trusted hairdresser to do a house visit and give you a new ‘do.

    2. Make (and share) history.
    Create a blog, vlog (video blog), or plog (picture blog) to document the progress of your pregnancy. Show off your sonogram , get opinions on baby names, or share pictures of your growing belly to friends and family living abroad. Not tech savvy? Keep a journal - you may want to read some of those entries with your children one day. Even better, why not handwrite several letters for your child to open on special occasions in the future, such as his or her graduation, wedding day, or a first date?

    3. Reach out and touch someone.
    Take the time now to have an actual, meaningful conversation with friends and family you’ve been meaning to contact. Get parenting advice from respected elders; put an end to ongoing fight with a sibling; establish weekly phone calls or online chats with your best friend in another country; tell your mom how much you appreciate her carrying you around for nine months, now that you know what it’s like. You may be surprised at how rewarding it feels to reconnect with those important to you.

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