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  • pregnantCarrying a baby in your tummy for nine months, however exciting it may be, does make a mess of your moods. “Pregnancy is a delicate time for a woman’s emotional state,” says psychologist Laura Kinney in Life in the Womb, a book she co-wrote with Ben E. Hastley. “On top of all the physical changes she’s about to go through, she has to deal with emotions set on a roller coaster ride.”

    But having bloated feet, an aching back, and shallow tear ducts doesn’t mean you have to wave the white flag and say goodbye to your carefree, pre-preggy self. In fact, it’s imperative that you don’t. “A fetus is sensitive to its mother’s moods and may be affected by a mother’s low perception of self,” Dr. Kinney emphasizes.

    So to help you embrace the changes and keep cool throughout your pregnancy, take your cue from these nine simple reminders.

    1. Flaunt Your Radiance
    Gone are the days of tent blouses and over-alls with huge kangaroo-like pouches. “Those loose tops and dresses make mommies look as huge as a balikbayan box or, worse, a refrigerator,” says stylist and makeup artist Kat Manalo-Erro. “Try tops with V-necks and empire cuts. Clothes that enhance curves look sexy—not promiscuous—on pregnant women. These types of clothes really do celebrate pregnancy.” For utmost comfort, Kat suggests getting clothes in stretch fabrics such as Lycra, jersey, cotton, and chiffon.

    The right wardrobe will work doubly well with a hairstyle that’s low maintenance, comfortable, and stylish. Try one of two no-brainer hairstyles: long tresses that you can tie back into a bun, or a super-short yet super-chic wash-and-wear cut like actress Angel Jacob’s. Don’t take your pampering to the colorist, though. Chemicals from hair dyes may not be safe for the baby in your womb and when you’re breastfeeding.



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