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  • Camille Prats Reveals 5 Essentials She Loved During Her Pregnancy

    Less than a month ago, a very pregnant Camille sat down with us to talk about her favorite products.
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
Camille Prats Reveals 5 Essentials She Loved During Her Pregnancy
PHOTO BY Lai de Guzman
  • Just less than a month ago, Camille Prats SmartParenting.com.ph  told, "I just wanna give birth!" Even then, she could not hide her anticipation for the new addition to their modern family, and now their princess is finally here! Two weeks after our story came out (you can read her pregnancy chronicles here), the actress and television host gave birth to her second child last Friday, September 22, a baby girl whom she and husband VJ Yambaonamed Nala Camilla.

    With her new journey as a mother just starting -- again, after nine years -- what lessons would Camille like to impart to expectant moms?

    1. It's just your hormones.
    "I have a lot of friends who are also pregnant, and they feel depressed. Keep in mind that it's your hormones actually doing all of these to you, so always remind yourself to go back to who you once were before you were pregnant. It can get really crazy, so minsan feeling mo you don’t know yourself anymore or you start losing control. Have your partner or husband remind you na 'Remember you were like this dati' so parang bumabalik pa rin yung sarili mo. It's true -- women really need support when they’re pregnant kasi they go through a lot of changes."

    2. Continue praying.
    "Whenever I get emotional about the little things, I would ask myself, 'Are my reasons valid?' I try to balance myself up and I talk to people, I pray."

    3. Embrace every moment.
    "Sometimes the more you go against whatever you’re feeling it becomes harder. So you should just embrace everything -- the hardships, sacrifices that we have to make -- and pray. Seeing your baby is going to make it all worth it."


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    Camille's preggy must-haves:

    Snug-a-hug pillow
    "I couldn't sleep without it! Lying on my back gives me lower back pain, and I also find it harder to breathe. The shape of the pillow helps support my growing belly when I sleep on my side, and the neck support helps me sleep better too. It's a pillow for preggy moms that can also transition to when you're already nursing your baby."

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    Sanosan cooling leg cream and anti-stretch mark cream
    "I apply the leg cream all over my  tired, achy legs every night with the help of my husband who gives me a slight massage after too much walking and standing all day. It leaves me with a cool feeling  that helps me sleep better at night. For my belly, I rub the anti-stretch marks cream all over every night before bed time." 

    VMV HypoAllergenics Know-It-Oil
    "I use this all over my belly, back, legs and arms for extra moisture because I noticed that my skin has become dry. The best part is, it doesn't leave me with an icky sticky feeling after."


    Blanqi belly support
    "I started using it around my 7th month when my back started to hurt due to the weight of the baby, and it's been very helpful."

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