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4 Ways Your Belly Button Changes During Pregnancy
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  • There are a lot of changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy, but none as obvious as her belly. It's the ultimate proof that one is with a child!

    A woman who is having a baby for the first time usually won't show until about her 18th week of pregnancy, but someone on the family way for the second or third time will sport a bump much sooner.

    As the tummy grows, a number of other things take place as well: the linea nigra becomes visible, stretch marks may begin to appear, and the belly button takes on a life of its own.

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    While rarely talked about unlike stretch marks and the linea nigra, the topic of belly buttons during pregnancy is just as relevant.

    We list down some changes you can expect in your belly button during pregnancy

    Your belly button pops out.

    Many preggos notice that their belly buttons protrude during pregnancy, especially during the last trimester when the tummy is all stretched out. You're an "outie!" Some even feel self-conscious that the protrusion remains obvious even under clothing. 

    In most cases, a protruding belly button is perfectly normal for pregnant women, but if it is accompanied by a dull pain and discomfort in the belly, have it checked by your doctor to rule out umbilical hernia, a condition where parts of the small intestine protrude through a hole in the abdominal wall to the umbilical area.

    Your belly button flattens.

    In contrast to the above, some women get a flat belly button instead. As the skin in your tummy area expands, the skin of your belly button does the same, thus the taut appearance. This, too, is normal for pregnant women. Your belly button will get back to its shape after you give birth.

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    Your belly button feels itchy.

    The stretched out skin could feel sensitive and itchy at times, but you may feel it the most around the navel area. If applying moisturizer or stretch mark cream does not relieve the itchiness, have your doctor check for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP), which is accompanied by hives-like rashes in the area.

    Your belly button is painful.

    A lot of times, the sensation we feel in the tummy area, like pain, could be due to the skin being stretched. If you feel pain in the navel area, there is no need to worry unless it's the sharp kind, and persists for a few minutes. Report it to your doctor immediately.

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