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  • I Am Pregnant, And I Needed A Tooth Extraction. Here's What Happened

    Ask your dentist: What anesthetic will be used for your procedure?
    by Alex Rey .
I Am Pregnant, And I Needed A Tooth Extraction. Here's What Happened
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  • My molar cracked around two years ago. My then dentist sealed it, but it hurt more, so he removed the seal. He was supposed to pull the tooth out, but it hurt so bad. I was crying, and we were both already weary after having spent an hour or so on the chair, so we had to postpone it. But I didn’t go back since my molar never really bothered me so much after that. 

    Fast-forward to today, 22 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby after three miscarriages, my damn molar hurt so bad again. I couldn’t eat properly, so I worried about my baby’s health. But I couldn’t do anything but whine about the excruciating pain. I needed to go to the dentist again. This time, I knew I’d have to have the tooth extracted. 

    On another side, I also worried about my being pregnant and going through a tooth extraction. Is it safe for my baby? 

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    Luckily, I listened to Smart Parenting’s How Po Series Episode 2, entitled The New Normal In Pregnancy And Childbirth Part 1, last August 13. I remember the question came up. Is it safe to have a tooth extraction or root canal when pregnant? 

    “Yes, it’s safe,” Dr. Maynila Domingo, obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in maternal-fetal medicine, replied during the live webinar. Most dental procedures, such as simple tooth extraction ith local anesthetic, pasta, cleaning, etc., are safe during pregnant women. 

    “Yun concern dito is the anesthetic being used. Ano ba yung gagamiting anesthetic dun sa patient,” she explained. “Kasi yung mga extensive na root canal na kailangan sedated sila or tulog, yun yung mga kailangan naming i-evaluate first,” Dr. Domingo added. 


    So, if you need to have a dental procedure that requires anesthesia, ask your dentist what type of anesthetic he would be using. If he suggests using inhaled anesthetics such as nitrous gases, according to Dr. Domingo, you would need to first ask your OB-GYN clearance.

    My dentist assured me that the best time to have tooth extraction when pregnant is in the second trimester. Still, I had to clear the medications with my OB. Better to be safe than sorry. 

    My tooth extraction required local anesthetic, lidocaine, injected in my jaw’s nerve line and in the affected tooth’s gums. I’d need mefenamic acid for the pain after the anesthetic wears out, and amoxicillin antibiotics to prevent any infection. 

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    Thankfully, my doctor immediately replied via Viber and said okay to all medications. I must tell you, it was a relief after the anesthetic took effect. It was so lovely to be free of the pain. After a few minutes, my cracked molar was cracked in half and pulled out, and the pus that’s causing the came with it.

    I thank God that my cracked molar ached when I was in my second trimester.  I didn't feel any pain except for the anesthetic injection. My baby was also very malikot in my tummy before, during, and after the procedure, which assured me that he’s doing okay. I kept talking to him or her before the procedure, saying we need it so we can eat. 

    After going home and the anesthetic wore out, I tried not to take pain medication. But it was still so painful, so I popped one and went to bed. The next day, my gums and right jaw was still sore. My dentist said I should go back if the pain persists after two days. 

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    I would not have wanted to have a tooth extraction and added more medication in my system than needed. But my comfort is essential, too, so I can better care for the baby in my womb.

    Watch the full How Po episode below:

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