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  • Should pregnant women avoid hamog?

    Is it an old wives’ tale when they say you should avoid being exposed to 'hamog' (cool night or dawn air)? Dr. Stephanie Hipos-Supan explains this 'pamahiin' or superstition. 
    by Stephanie Hipos-Supan M.D. .
  • Q: Bawal ba talaga ang hamog kapag buntis? (Should pregnant women really avoid being exposed to hamog?)

    A: Not really. Hamog is actually moisture that’s present in the air in the evening up to dawn. Since air is moist, it is able to carry particles or allergens. People who have certain allergies or rhinitis, not just pregnant women, when exposed to these particles in hamog may have allergic reactions like cough or colds. Pregnant women, especially those who have history of allergies, usually are more sensitive or have exaggerated inflammatory reactions. That’s why some may have worse symptoms when exposed to hamog than others. But if you are perfectly healthy, there is no problem being exposed to hamog.

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