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    Before giving birth, all you could think about is your baby’s arrival. Your newborn took up every little corner of your brain, hardly leaving room for anything else. So it does come as a surprise when you find that together with your baby are a few perks exclusive to new moms. And you thought carrying your little one was enough to make you burst with happiness? Well, there’s more!

    1. Freebies
    Everyone loves a baby, so when people have the power to give you free stuff because you’re carrying an infant, they do. Christine Kang, mom to Xavier, 10, and Cerys, 3, says that after she had given birth to Cerys, “I’ve had free English Breakfast tea offered to me at the café I frequent.”

    2. No more lines
    Most airports prioritize women carrying babies: They move you to the front of the line with no questions asked. Sometimes, they even open up a new line just for you, which is what happened to this writer when she was coming home from Hong Kong with her two-year-old daughter last year. A uniformed officer just shouted and waved over, “Baby, line up here!” Of course, I happily complied.

    3. Upgrades
    Ever been moved up from coach to business class? A baby might just be your ticket. “We were upgraded to business class at Philippine Airlines  so we could be the first to deplane,” spills Justine Tajonera, mom to Badger, 5, and Clea, 8 months.  

    4. You always have an excuse for being late.
    And people can’t give you flak for it because no one can get mad at a baby! Besides, if they’re parents, they’ll understand just how disoriented you already are. If not, just thrust the baby into their faces, and all will be forgiven.  
    5. Attention, please!
    Sure, your baby will be getting loads of fussing and fawning, but so will you! You’ll get loads of text, Facebook, and Twitter messages, phone calls, and visitors begging to know when’s the best time to drop by. And they wouldn’t even mind if you don’t get out of your pajamas. How convenient is that?  


    6. Instant bonding with other moms
    Back then, you had to think of what you had in common with  other women before striking up  a conversation with them.  Now, the brand of motherhood has you all linked together to form instant friendships. And the remarkable part? You’re as interested in what they have to say about their baby as they are in what you have to share about yours! Plus, comparing notes will make you feel that you’re not alone and that you’re actually doing an excellent job.   

    7. Courtesy at work
    It’s easier to ask for deadline extensions or days off because everyone understands that the demands of an infant are stronger (or maybe just louder) than a bottom line. Also, meeting new people for work is made easier when you’re a new mom. Rhea Bautista, public relations officer, former principal of Ballet Philippines, and mom to David, 1, says, “I connect faster with the people around me when they find out I have a baby.”

    8. Instant seats in a packed room
    If you’re at mass carrying your baby and the church is full, or you’re on the MRT and there are no free seats, people who normally look away would offer their seat this time. You’d even be surprised that older women who look like they need to rest their feet will get up and offer you their seat. Smile and graciously take it.

    9. No more period pains and better sex
    “When I started getting my period again, I was overjoyed to find out I had no more cramps. It was amazing,” reveals Tania Rodriguez*, mom to Joshua*, 2.  “But what was even more amazing was that sex was so much better after the baby. I had given birth vaginally, and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with it. Before I gave birth, there were times when sex was painful - now, it’s not.”

    10. Naps
    It used to be considered decadent or even downright excessive when you took naps before you had a baby, but now you’re not just allowed, you’re even encouraged to! You’ve heard the advice “Nap while baby naps.” Well, take full advantage of it because not only will it help you regain your energy for those late-night feeds, you will also realize that this is the one perk available jointly to children and new mommies.   

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    11. More stuff to shop for!
    As if women ever needed more excuses to shop. But this time, you’ll realize that surrounding yourself with baby things is enough to make you forget about filling up your own closet. And it’s not just baby clothes and baby blankets; it’s baby toys, baby books, baby sheets, baby shoes, baby bowls and cutlery - you name it! There’s just so much to shop for and you have to admit, it’s so much fun. It may have been embarrassing before to indulge in so much cuteness, but now it’s totally legit. Besides, it’s for the baby, right? Right.

    12. People willingly listen to your baby stories.
    You’ve got the perfect excuse to go on and on about your beautiful darling baby. And the best part is no one is going to stop you because they can want more. You’ll always have something interesting to talk about - a topic no one will tire of and one that will make you happy just thinking about it.  

    Though there are loads of perks a new mom gets, it always comes back to your baby.  Rhea spills that the greatest perk of all is “the immense joy of having your child, and him loving and wanting you unconditionally.” But we’re not complaining. We’ll take the perks, too!  

    Image from visualphoto.com

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