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A Man Named 'Dads' Is Here to Film your Baby's Birth
  • “It’s always a different experience every time I witness the birth of a child,” says Dads Valencia, videographer and Founder of Dads Valencia Birth Films.

    You may have come across birth films on your social media news feeds but most of these videos are taken in other countries. Although this type of video creation is not as popular here as it is in the U.S. and other countries, we do have an amazing birth video creator here in our own backyard.

    Being a birth videographer, Dads Valencia is on call the moment the mother hits her 9th month. When his phone rings, he should always be ready to pick up his gear and run to where the baby will be born, ready to capture every single precious moment between the parents and their child.

    The beginnings of Dads Valencia Birth Films

    Doing birth films did not come as an accident to Dads who has always been passionate about video content creation. It was a plan that hatched when his long term contract with a U.S.-based non-profit agency expired.

    Engaged to be married in a few months, he had to figure out a way to pay for his wedding and provide for his young wife and future family. It only made sense to start a business using his skills in video editing.

    Dads considered doing weddings but he did not have the proper equipment to produce the types of wedding videos that had become the talk and toast of the industry. Besides, there are far too many wedding videographers nowadays; the competition to win the most ideal clients will be difficult.

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    All that Dads knew was that he couldn’t be a jack-of-all-trades. He admires wedding videographer and video storyteller Jason Magbanua’s work but decided that he had to find his own place in the video industry. So he researched and prayed, searching for the perfect “unique” idea for his business. “What else is there in a person’s life that is so special?" he asked himself.”

    Then it dawned on him. The beginning of a person’s life is one of the most important events in a person’s life!

    So Dads began to work on his idea and went searching for his very first birth films client and found a mother who wanted to document her firstborn’s birth.

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    Hospital births and natural water births
    Here in the Philippines, many babies are born in hospitals even when choosing the natural birthing process. Some check themselves into maternity clinics to give birth with the help of a midwife.

    But the concept of giving birth in water is still very new to many Filipinos. Many of Dads’ films are taken in hospital settings which shows the amount of skill he has as each film is beautifully made and carefully thought of. In each film he includes major events that happen in the world at the time the baby was being born.

    As hospitals in the Philippines have a lot of restrictions, Dads explains that he only gets to film the scenes prior to the mother being wheeled into the labor room and the baby’s first day.


    But once in a while, he chances upon beautiful water births where he soaks in every intimate moment with his camera, from quiet labors to the soft, loving whispers between the mother and her husband.

    Dads wants to give parents the moment they deserve. He points out that a father should be able to savor the experience and “be in the moment” with his wife and child without having to navigate a camera. “That’s my job,” says Dads.

    Dads manages to be non-intrusive during the entire process. He keeps to himself and stays in corners, barely noticeable. But he is always able to capture the moments that matter.

    One of the mothers told him once that she teared up watching the video he made of her delivery when she saw the expressions on the face of her baby. Something she thought she missed because her baby was put on her chest right away and she couldn’t see her entire face.

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    Dads advocates water births and hopes that many mothers will consider it. He also hopes that hospitals will be more open to it.

    The future of Dads Valencia Birth Films
    “Right now, there’s just me,” Dads shares about his birth films. “But in the future, I may train a few others to work with me.”

    Dads Valencia


    Dads in action, documenting a birth as it happens

    Dads Valencia’s works had been featured in several TV shows. But whether or not he pioneered the concept in the Philippines is irrelevant to Dads. What matters to him is that it is his main focus and specialization.

    “I’ve heard of others who offer it as one of their services. I don’t have other services. It’s the only service I offer,” he says. “I want to be the best in it. I want to be the Storyteller of birth films.”

    To know more about Dads Valencia Birth Films, you may visit his website at http://dadsvalencia.ph/.

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