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4 Ways Abdominal Binders Can Be Essential to Your Postpartum Recovery
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  • After I gave birth to my son more than a decade ago, my mom and tita, who does "hilot," advised me to wrap a long piece of cloth around my abdominal area. Unfortunately, it kept rolling down from the top that it felt like I was wearing a rope around my belly. It was uncomfortable and annoying, so I soon gave it up. But I would have worn it religiously if there was a better binder option. 

    Today, new moms have a lot of choices when it comes to abdominal binders, wraps, or corsets. Wearing it may involve a little discomfort at first, but it can be very helpful in post-birth recovery.

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    Why wear a postpartum binder?

    New moms on our Smart Parenting Village Facebook group have asked members for feedback on using abdominal postpartum binders or wraps and corsets and if they really need one. The decision is ultimately up to the mom, but there are reasons why using one is highly recommended. 

    Postpartum binder keeps the post-operation wound intact. 

    Most, if not all, new moms who delivered their baby via CS are required to use an abdominal binder after the surgery. It helps keeps the post-operation wound intact, so you can move sideways and stand up a little more freely and without having to worry about opening your incision wound. 

    It holds everything in place. 

    Moms who had a natural vaginal delivery (NSD) can wear a binder, too. It can double as a shaper, which helps hold everything in place, which can be comforting for CS moms who may feel like their insides are all over the abdomen area.  


    The binder "guides" your body back to shape.

    Post-birth, you may notice a small pouch in place of your baby bump, which will eventually shrink as your uterus goes back to its original size before pregnancy. Some moms also swear that a binder makes them lose the pouch faster and keeps the muscles and skin taut without folds or "laylay."

    The binder may help correct your posture.

    One mom said wearing a binder helped her with her posture, embracing the tightness of a corset. She swore that the abdominal binder kept her back and spine aligned as she sits or stands, which eased the pain from always carrying her baby. 

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    What to remember about choosing and wearing a postpartum binder

    Many hospitals today provide an abdominal binder for patients post-surgery. You can also try Wink from Urban Essentials, Inc., Sogo, Lady Grace, Body Form, and Inay Moments binders. 

    When you should start wearing a binder and for how long depends on your post-op wound if you've had a belly birth. Some doctors may suggest that you allow your stitches to set for two to three days before starting to wear a binder. Other may advise you to stop wearing one for a few days to let your wound breathe or prevent an infection. 

    If your doctor gives you the go-ahead to wear a binder every day, how long or how often you wear it is still up to you. Some find it heavy and too restricting to wear one every day. Others complain that they perspire easily. 

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    Remember that a binder is a tool to help your recovery after childbirth. But wearing one does not guarantee that you won't develop a baby pouch or that you would get your flat stomach back. There are other factors to consider to get your pre-pregnant body back. Seek your doctor's counsel when in doubt.

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