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WATCH: Baby 'Pops Out' of Mother's Womb in Gentle C-Section
PHOTO BY @fertilugo on Instagram
  • We've been cheering on moms-to-be who make sure they have a say in how they welcome their little one into the world. And having a gentle and natural C-section is a beautiful alternative for moms who can't give birth naturally, even those whose baby may be in breech position at birth

    In a gentle C-section, the baby is not yanked out of the C-section incision abruptly. Instead, he is left to crawl out of his mother's womb, or he is assisted by the doctor to find his way out peacefully. The whole procedure is not rushed to allow the baby's chest to squeeze fluid out and make way for his first breath, just like in natural vaginal deliveries. (Parents can also choose preferences, such as lighting and music, in the delivery room to complete the birth experience they hope to have.)  

    To illustrate how a gentle and natural C-section goes, here are videos taken by a doctor who advocates this new way of ushering a baby into this world.

    Venezuelan obstetrician and fertility specialist Jham Frank Lugo documented another gentle-C-section birth via his Instagram. First, we see the video of a baby popping out of his mom's C-section incision entirely unassisted. 

    The doctor then posted a series of photos and videos that showed how little he was assisting the baby to make his way out of the womb. As he was being born, his parents were listening to music they chose especially for their first baby's arrival, which the camera perfectly captured. 

    "We see peace, harmony and respect for this new Venezuelan life, is received by their parents, embraced and caressed and kissed," he wrote in Spanish as a caption for a complete video of the birth. "Together, the parents share the experience of seeing your baby for the first time. In the end, we see how the new dad left the operating room with his son and introduced him to members of their families," he added. 

    Dr. Lugo, the founder of the Centro de Fertilidad Clinica Lugo and a father of three, has been documenting gentle and natural C-section births on his Instagram to raise awareness about the procedure. His Instagram posts have been an inspiration for women, especially those who felt sad at first about delivering their baby in an "unnatural" way. Here's another baby born via gentle and natural c-section:

    Many women still think they have no say about their body and how they give birth to their child. It is your body and your baby -- your choice. Your doctors should be able to do everything they can to make it possible, barring complications that put you or your child in harm's way, of course. The way a mom-to-be gives birth does not affect her ability to care for and love her child. 

    [h/t: PopSugar]

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