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Back Pain Due To Anesthesia? Moms Reveal How It Happened To Them
  • Getting pregnant and giving birth changes your life and your body. You can shed the pregnancy weight, but it's not exactly going to be the same.

    Many moms complain of back pain during pregnancy. It's a common symptom when you hit the third trimester when the body's center of gravity tips to accommodate your bump. But did you know back pain may persist until after you deliver your child? 

    A mom from the Smart Parenting Village Facebook group wondered if she was the only one having back pains four months after giving birth via C-section. It turns out she's not alone.

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    Lower back pain after giving birth pain may be due to anesthesia injection. Here's how to deal:

    According to some moms who've also had it since their surgery, it's an effect of the anesthesia injection in the spine. The pain may also extend to the hips and knees. Moms who've had CS or vaginal birth with epidural have it, and it can persist until months or years after. But don't worry, there are ways to ease the pain. Here are some tips from moms:

    Settle into a comfy sleeping position but change it up often. 

    "Based on my recall ngalay nga ang balakang CS delivery. Sa position natin kapag natutulog dapat comfortable at both sides magamit natin or 'wag isang side lang ang tulog, para balanced. Mommy Cristina 

    Place a pillow on your lower back when you sleep. 

    "Same here, five years ago na na-CS. Parang gusto ko ma-stretch lagi para lang matanggal ang sakit. Kung minsan ginagawa ko 'pag matutulog na, nilalagyan ko ng unan sa likod at balakang. Effective naman." — Mommy Nova


    Put warm compress on your lower back. 

    "Ang ginawa ko, nilagyan ko ng medjo mainit na tubig ang babasagin na bottle at nilagay ko sa balakang ko. Nawala naman yung sakit after five days. Mommy Lyn

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    Give it a good rest.

    "Nararamdaman ko na 'yan simula n'ung first CS ko until now naka-second CS na ako. Pinapahinga ko lang hanggang sa mag-subside, then tuloy ulit."

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    Mommy Che

    A pain-relieving patch may help.

    Twice na 'ko CS pero sumasakit lang lower back ko ilang months after manganak pero pagtagal-tagal okay naman na. Lagi rin pala ako may Salonpas na nakatapal sa lower back n'un. It helps sa'kin. Mommy Neishayne

    Have a good back massage or hilot.

    I had CS four years ago pero never nawala ang lower back at balakang pains hehe. May time na super sakit so pinapa-masahe ko lang ng very light at pinapahiran ng massage oil. Nasanay na'ko kasi allergic ako sa pain relievers. Mommy Karen

    Don't underestimate the power of exercise. 

    Ako mga one year bago nawala. Pero nag-exercise ako, 'yung low impact pang-postpartum paunti-unti. 'Di ko napansin nawala na pala. Mommy Cathrina

    Side effect 'yan ng spinal anesthesia. Nakakatulong ang exercise na nakakatibay ng muscle sa likod at balakang. Mommy Diam

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    Consult a specialist.

    "Nagpa-check ako kasi super sakit din talaga pati balakang ko halos hindi ko ma-hele si LO noon. N'ung 2 months na si LO, nag-start ako nag-undergo ako ng therapy sa chiropractor, eight sessions for six months. For seven months, nagsuot ako ng half-brace sa lower back 24/7. Medyo magastos lang pero super worth it. Ngayon okay na ako. Mommy Bianca

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    "At almost 7 months post-CS, sumasakit pa din ang likod ko lalo na when I started working out again. I consulted my OB about this and  she cited possible causes like hormonal changes, sudden weight gain and weight loss, and spasm on the nerve endings where anesthesia was introduced. She prescribed some pain medications to take if unbearable 'yung pain.

    Pero since ayaw ko masyado uminom ng gamot, nag-focus ako sa workout and proper body positioning. Stretching my lower back helped me a lot. Nag-research ako ng post-CS exercises sa Google and YouTube. More than 2 months after, 'di na sumasakit 'yung likod ko." Mommy Julie

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