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    If you were given the choice which would you prefer: planned c-section or vaginal birth? Recent research says, for the sake of your child, go with the latter. 

    Babies born via planned cesarean section may face more health risks than babies born via emergency c-section or normal delivery, a new study found. 

    Previous studies show that vaginal delivery poses less stress to a newborn compared to a c-section which has shown to cause a higher vulnerability for certain diseases like leukemia, asthma and allergies. 

    And, according to this recent study, labor might have something to do with it. The new findings suggest that short labor is better than no labor at all; emergency c-section babies might be healthier than planned c-section babies, reported The New York Times

    Mairead Black, lead author of the study and University of Aberdeen obstetrician, told The Times that through labor the baby comes in contact with vital bacteria from the mother “which might help with immune system development,” she said. 

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    The study, published in the journal JAMA, involved analyzing birth data from 320,000 Scottish babies, of which, 4% were born by planned c-section, 17% were emergency c-sections and the remaining 79% were vaginal births. 

    Results showed that planned c-section babies had an increased risk for Type 1 diabetes and were also slightly more likely to use an asthma inhaler by the age of 5 compared to emergency c-section babies. 

    “Over all, the differences between a scheduled C-section and an emergency C-section were slight. However, the data do begin to shed light on why babies born through vaginal birth may have fewer health risks than babies born by C-section,” said The Times. 

    If you’re pregnant and looking to avoid a c-section, whether planned or not, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Kimmelin Hull shared on Health News one of the most important things that you can do. You have to make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. 

    “Barring any dire circumstances that require a Cesarean delivery for the life or well-being of mom and/or baby, talking with your maternity care provider early and often about your desire to avoid a Cesarean delivery is important,” she said. 

    “Being on the same page with your doctor or midwife can then allow you to move forward with brainstorming ideas for keeping your risk of Cesarean section low,” she added. 

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