expenses,cost,labor and childbirth,pregnancy stage,newbie mom,Normal Delivery Cesarean Section Cost COVID-19,giving birth, giving birth COVID-19, childbirth, childbirth covid-19, maternity packages covid-19,Here's an estimate on how much hospital childbirth costs during COVID-19, based on feedback from moms who gave birth during quarantine.
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'Normal Delivery' Costs May Increase From P25K to P170K Due to COVID-19

Personal protective equipment and required COVID-19 tests will add to your total hospital bill.

Giving birth can be expensive even before COVID-19. Expect it to be even higher now. With the fast-spreading and potentially fatal respiratory disease, all healthcare workers are taking necessary precautions by wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE). Hospitals do charge you for PPE used by health professionals who attended to you during your stay in the hospital.

Anticipating the added expense for childbirth, moms in our Smart Parenting Village who gave birth during quarantine shared how much they shelled out for childbirth expenses. The cost varies on the type of delivery, health circumstances, and hospital. These can give you an idea of the hospital birth costs in the 'new normal' going forward or until there's a vaccine or effective treatment against COVID-19. 

How much do hospital births cost during COVID-19?

Based on moms' feedback on how much PPE cost, N95 masks can cost from Php200 to Php500 a piece, while one full PPE suit for one person ranges from Php650 to Php2,500 to Php5,000. Here's how much the total expense can add up to with professional fees, PhilHealth discounts, and all, just to give you an idea about childbirth expenses today.

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Emergency C-Section (ECS) births

"I gave birth last March 27. Our bill was Php126,000 total. OB-gyn PF is Php50,000, anesthesiologist is Php20,000 and pediatrician is Php10,000. Buti wala pa noong COVID-19 test for pregnant, which costs Php9,000 din ata. Kasama lang sa bill ko mga PPE at mask na ginamit during operation. I opted for a private room din due to COVID-19 and stayed in the hospital for two days." — Mommy Ayen

Christ the King Parish Church in Las Piñas: Php75,000

"I gave birth last April 16 via ECS sa Christ the King Parish Church, Las Piñas. Total bill is around Php75,000 net of PhilHealth and including na 'yung kay baby. I stayed in a private room sa hospital for two days. All PPEs and masks are included in the bill, plus required tests like X-ray or blood test."  Mommy Joana

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Zarate General Hospital in Las Piñas: about Php100,000

"I gave birth via ECS at Zarate General Hospital in Las Piñas. I stayed in the hospital for three days, and the total bill was almost Php100,000. I got a discount from my doctors, then less Php19,000 for PhilHealth. Mga Php70,000 na lang binayaran namin." — Mommy Antonette

Soriano-Leyble Medical and Maternity Hospital in Antipolo: Php100,000

"I gave birth last April 9 via ECS at Soriano-Leyble Medical and Maternity Hospital. We paid Php100,000, less PhilHealth na. Medyo mahal kasi professional fee ni OB ko." — Mommy Sarah

Emilio Aguinaldo College in Cavite: Php114,000

"I gave birth via ECS last March 24 at Emilio Aguinaldo College in Cavite and got discharged on March 26. Ang bill ko was Php104,000 then Php11,000 kay baby. Na-less na PhilHealth. — Mommy Aeizza

Manila East Medical Center in Taytay: Php101,000

"Php101,000 for ECS sa Manila East Medical Center, Taytay, Rizal. With additional payments for PPE ng mga doctors and their professional fees."  Mommy Chrysse

Las Piñas Doctors' Hospital: Php140,000

"Sa Las Piñas Doctors' Hospital, umabot ako ng Php140,000 for ECS." — Mommy Elle

Makati Medical Center: Php270,000

"I gave birth via ECS last March 18 sa MakatiMed. I stayed in the hospital for four days. Doctors PFs  ng OB is Php95,000, anesthesiologist is Php47,000, pediatrician Php18,500, and endocrinologist is Php14,000. We paid a total of Php270,000, less na ang PhilHealth." — Mommy Veronica

C-section (CS) births

"CS for Php79,000, less PhilHealth na. I gave birth just last March 20 during enhanced community quarantine."— Mommy Lois

"I gave birth last April 5 in Cavite via scheduled CS with ligation. I stayed 24 hours in the hospital. I paid Php80,000, PhilHealth already deducted." — Mommy Kristelkyler

VT Maternity Hospital in Marikina City: Php101,000

"Mine was Php101,000 and less na ang Philhealth. I gave birth via ECS last April 7 at VT Maternity." —Mommy Jonah

Unihealth-Parañaque Hospital & Medical Center: Php113,000

"I gave birth April 27 via CS at Unihealth Parañaque. The total bill was Php113,000 with PhilHealth discount. Kung walang PhilHealth, aabot ng Php150,000. Lahat ng PPEs at N95 na ginamit ng mga nurses at doctors naka-bill sa amin." — Mommy Charm

Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa: Php250,000

"CS at Asian Hospital costs Php250,000. PhilHealth covered around Php20,000." — Mommy Jei

Vaginal births

"Normal delivery cost us more than Php170,000 COVID-19 suspect kasi si mommy due to diarrhea. She was isolated even after delivery. We met each other after her COVID-19 result came out. Same for our baby's COVID-19 test. Because of that, isolation, PPE's additional infectious disease doctors were added to the health management of my wife and baby. The usual 25k became that big for four days." — Daddy Jay

Medical Center Taguig: Php100,000

"Php100,000 for natural spontaneous delivery (NSD) at Medical Center Taguig. Our room was ward only for mommy and baby. We were quoted only Php65,000 per sobrang mahal ng professional fee ni OB-gyn pala, plus PPE is charged to the patient." — Mommy Mia

Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa: Php180,000

"I gave birth last March 3 sa Asian Hospital. Total bill including kay baby and less PhilHealth is Php180,000, normal delivery." — Mommy Marjorie

South Superhighway Medical Center: Php32,000

"Pinag-ready kami ng Php60,000 to Php70,000 for NSD, or Php90,000 to Php100,000 for CS sa Unihealth Parañaque or Parañaque Doctors' Hospital, but closed sila due to COVID-19. I gave birth via NSD last April 13 sa South SuperHighway Medical Center. We spent Php32,000 overall and bawas na din ang PhilHealth." Mommy Jessa 

Los Baños Doctors Hospital: Php40,000

"I gave birth last April 16 in Los Baños Doctors Hospital in Laguna. Normal delivery, and ang bill namin ni baby is almost Php40,000." — Mommy Zea

Marcelo Hospital in Baliuag, Bulacan: Php42,000

I gave birth via normal delivery with bilateral tubal ligation (BTL) in Marcelo Hospital in Baliuag, Bulacan just last May 6, 2020. Stayed in the hospital for two days and we paid for 33k. Total bill was Php42,000, including newborn screening, pedia consultation, and medicines. PhilHealth discount was worth Php9,000.  — Mommy Molly Grace

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