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5 Water Filtration Systems For Small Spaces (As Low As P2,000!)
  • Are you tired of having to pay for drinking water delivery? You may need a water filtration system. 

    Think of it as an investment. Having your own water filtration system saves you money in the long run. Instead of paying Php25 to Php50 pesos per gallon delivered to your doorstep, you attach one to your faucets. And voila! You can now drink directly from there or refill your pitchers.

    Water refilling stations follow the minimum health standards, but not having to have drinking water delivered means less work for you. You don't have to open your doors for deliveries or disinfect water gallon containers. It keeps you from using plastic, as well. 

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    Mom-recommended water-filtration systems

    We're not going into the technical side of water filtration. There are many kinds of filtration, such as carbon, UV, and more. But we found a thread in one of the mom groups on Facebook that collated fellow moms' recommended brands. Based on their feedback, there's no water after-taste, and it's safe for kids to consume.



    Ivo's faucet-mounted water purifier is as compact as they get. Its filtration cartridge needs to be replaced every 1,500 liters. That's around three to six months, depending on your family size and water consumption.  

    Php1,980 at True Value or on Lazada, and Shoppee; Php3,000 for three water filtration cartridges



    PHOTO BY nuskin.com

    EcoSphere Water Purifier has a sleek design and longer "life span." You need to change the filtration cartridge after 5,200 liters. It also requires electricity, so make sure you have a power outlet near the faucet.

    Php45,000 for the water purifier and Php13,000 for the 3-in-1 cartridge refill

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    PHOTO BY Pureit PH
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    It has a mode that's faucet mounter and one that isn't connected to your faucet. The one that doesn't use electricity, Pureit Excella, works as a water dispenser with its own Germ Kill Kit filtration device. 

    Php4,998 on Lazada; Germ Kill Kit filters are available in hardware and home stores or send a message via Facebook to order 


    PHOTO BY cleansui.com

    Cleansui has different faucet mounted water filtration systems. All of them require you to change the filter every three months. That's about 48 large and heavy five-gallon water bottles.

    About Php7,000. Find authorized Cleansui distributors at Cleansui.com. It's also available at Shoppee and Lazada.


    PHOTO BY Brita Philippines

    Brita works like a magic pitcher. Just pour water straight fro the faucet into it, and it cleans the water as you pour water into your glass. What's nice is it's not as bulky and fits in your refrigerator. 

    Brita Marella (3.5L), Php1,650; Brita Flow(8.2L) , Php2,600 at Lazada

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    PHOTO BY Megafresh.com.ph

    Megafresh prides itself on providing the best water filtration and purifier devices in the Philippines that you can actually choose how much filtration your water goes through. 

    Php5,900 to Php3,000 depending on the model, Megafresh.com.ph 

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