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  • 7 Baby Products That Can Work Wonders on Moms

    Here's why Bianca Gonzalez Intal shares some baby products with her daughter.
7 Baby Products That Can Work Wonders on Moms
  • Caring for babies means knowing every bit of what's going on, from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. You may be a connoisseur when it comes to choosing products for your baby's skin, but what about your own?

    Skin changes when you go through pregnancy, so caring for your skin is important, too. TV host and model Bianca Gonzalez Intal says: "My skin is so much drier now that I am pregnant—just like when I was pregnant with Lucia! It seems the baby is taking all the moisture from my body."

    "I do admit there is much more effort now into doing skincare especially before sleeping at night because I also don't want to 'let go' of myself," adds the soon-to-be mom of two.

    With the busyness of new motherhood, your own skincare routine is probably the least of your concerns. Still, there are ways to take care of yourself while taking care of your baby's skin. Here are some baby products that you can share with your little one:

    1. Baby Oil

    Falling asleep from sheer exhaustion and with your makeup still on happens to the best of us. Remember, not removing makeup can cause clogged pores or even bacteria build-up. You can remove your makeup before going to bed by wiping your face with a cotton ball soaked in baby oil.

    2. Baby Wipes

    Another baby product you can use to remove makeup? Baby wipes! You can also use it for a quick cleanup when those little baby mishaps (hello, baby vomit!) happen on the go.

    3. Diaper Cream

    Diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide, which has astringent and antiseptic properties. As a topical treatment, it's used for skin irritations and abrasions. When you get those pesky razor bumps after you shave, spread a thin layer of your baby's diaper cream on your newly shaved skin. You can also use it to treat sunburns.

    4. Baby Sunscreen

    Sun protection knows no age. Most moms take the time to apply sunscreen on their babies before they bring them outside—they just don't do so for themselves. UV rays from the sun can cause skin damage and premature skin aging. Make it a habit to slather on sunscreen after putting it on your baby.

    5. Baby Powder

    Too tired to take a shower? No judgment here! But this can leave your hair looking like a limp and oily mess. Sprinkle Johnson's Baby Milk + Rice Powder on your roots to help absorb excess oil. 

    6. Baby Lotion

    Baby lotion helps lock in moisture in your baby's skin. Use it to help keep your own skin soft and hydrated. Bianca says: "I have always used baby lotion. It's more the frequency with which I use the products that increased—not to mention your sense of smell really heightens when you are pregnant, I get headaches when a scent is too strong! Baby lotion is perfect for pregnant moms and even moms of newborns or toddlers."

    Give your and your baby's skin extra nourishment by applying Johnson's Baby Milk + Oats Lotion to help alleviate sensitive dry skin. Oats can act as moisturizers with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

    7. Baby Wash

    If you have extra sensitive skin that reacts to adult body wash and soap products, try using your baby's bath wash since this is milder and has no harsh chemicals. Bianca uses Johnson's Baby Milk bath, lotion, and powder daily. "We take a bath [often together] and I use Johnson's Baby Milk Bath on [Lucia]. When its dress-up time, we massage baby lotion on her, and then we put powder right before she wears her clothes," she says. Johnson's Baby Milk Bath is also twice as nourishing as regular bar soap.

    Make sure you go for trusted brands that are natural, mild, paraben-free, and as gentle as can be on baby's—and your—sensitive skin. Johnson’s Baby Milk products have a clinically proven mild formulation that is pH-balanced, dermatologist-tested, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic to help make baby's skin strong and healthy. This line includes Johnson's Baby Milk + Rice Bath, Milk + Rice Lotion, and Milk + Rice Powder. The Johnson's Baby Milk range also offers bath and lotion in Milk + Oats.

    To know more about their products, visit Johnson's Facebook page. Buy the products here.

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