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  • Moms, This Color Looks Flattering on Every Skin Tone

    Time to own this color this year! Plus 7 other must-try beauty trends that are perfect for busy moms.
    by Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro .
Moms, This Color Looks Flattering on Every Skin Tone
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  • The beauty trends in 2016 were gorgeous, but many of them required a lot of effort and a lot of products. Heavy contouring, perfectly lined and applied matte lipsticks, purposeful curls, and deep red and burgundy hues took time to apply and were often difficult to maintain. 

    This year, we gladly welcome back a slew of more natural beauty trends. There is no more excuse not to try these trendy new looks even if you are rushing between dressing the kids for school and preparing for that big presentation for work. Some are as simple as smudging on lipstick! Here are eight must-try beauty trends you will rely on for a long time:

    Super skin

    Put aside your heavy foundations and contour creams because skin that breathes is all the rage in 2017! Opt instead for lighter products like tinted moisturizer or water-based foundations. Gorgeous natural skin goes great with a nice vibrant lip color. The only downside to this is that you’ll need beautiful healthy skin to pull it off, so invest in good skincare products and don’t forget the SPF! 

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    Natural brows

    Say goodbye to stenciled brows and harsh lines. This year, go for natural and even slightly untamed eyebrows. Just use brow gel and a spoolie brush to control your hair, and use a little brow powder to fill in gaps as needed. Easy, quick, and pretty! If you are still hassled by having to do this, you can try microblading, a more natural alternative to eyebrow tattoos.

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    Berry beautiful 

    In the olden days, women used a plethora of different berries to stain their lips. You can do the same with berry hued lipsticks! Give your deeper reds, rich wines, and textured burgundy shades a rest, and go for berry tinted lip colors. You can opt for light mauve or deep pinks for summer, and go for a gorgeous boysenberry hue for the rainy season. 

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    Soft messy curls

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    As gorgeous as the Gatsby inspired glam curls looked, they were a very hard to achieve and even harder to maintain throughout the day. This year, messy and undone comes back, and it’s all about softer rolled waves and volume. You can use a texturing paste or sea salt spray for that “messy hair, don’t care” style.

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    A study in pink

    Pink is the new go-to color for 2017. You can use it on everything and even go for a monochromatic makeup look. Pink was heavily featured on the runways at shows such as Dior and Pucci, to name a few, and the color looks beautiful on every skin tone. You can use it sheer on the cheeks, soft on the eyelids, and deeper on the lips. Whichever you decide, pink adds a beautiful freshness.

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    Liquid-like liner

    If you’ve just nailed your liquid liner game, then you’re in luck -- this trend will carry over into 2017. To update it, look for a formula with a gleaming shiny finish instead of a matte one. You can use this alone or on top of a taupe/neutral wash on the eyelids. Wing it out for a subtle but beautiful lift.

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    Blurred lips

    Gorgeous picture-perfect matte took centerstage last year, but now you can take a break from all the hand-eye coordination that gorgeous perfection required. In 2017, it’s all about the "smudge" blurred lips. Embrace imperfection by putting the bulk of your color in the center of the lips and blending outward. You can even use your finger to gently smudge the outer edges.

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    Go for gloss

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    While matte is pretty, don’t be afraid to add a little shine. Gloss gives a refreshing new change by adding dimension and shine back to beautifully colored lips. What’s more, gloss doesn’t have to stay on the pucker. Feel free to add a hint of shine to your cheekbones and under your brow bone, too.

    Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro was a regular beauty writer for national broadsheets until she became a magazine beauty editor for nine years. She is a graduate of the De La Salle International Artistic Makeup Course and has worked as a freelance makeup artist and skin care lecturer. 

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