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  • The Craziest Beauty Products Sold On Instagram

    A nose job in seconds?
    by F. Valencia .
The Craziest Beauty Products Sold On Instagram
  • Avid Instagram users know that the photo-sharing site has also become another online storefront for entrepreneurs. There's an array of hard-to-find products being peddled on IG -- among them, some unusual personal care products and cosmetics.

    That's not surprising, as personal care products and cosmetics always sell -- no matter what state the economy is in.

    In true tiis ganda fashion, many women seem to be buying these so-called unusual personal care products and cosmetics, which, in our opinion, could seem intimidating.

    Below are some of the products that made us go, "Ha? May ganyan pala?"

    A nose job in seconds? Why not?!

    There's a gadget and a supplement that allegedly assist you in getting gravity-defying boobs.

    Then, there are creams that make your nipples pink in a matter of days!

    Finally, there's a capsule that vows to tighten your vagina.

    Based on these offerings, it would seem that a good number of Pinays want to have aquiline noses, perky boobs with pink nipples, as well as "virginal" vaginas.


    It's not for us to judge those who want to have these physical attributes, but if you wish to try them, do make sure that they are safe to use. Otherwise, it's best to stick to using Instagram filters for "instant beauty" fixes and Kegel exercises to keep those lady parts in good shape.

    Remember: While tiis ganda has its moments, you have to draw the line somewhere.

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